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Pali - Tourist Place of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is always the first preference for abroad travelers. The reason is there are countless historical places that attract the visitors every year. There is one more cause of attraction of visitors to Rajasthan and that is hospitality and beautiful hotels. If you go through historical background of the state then you will find that many rulers of such state developed amazing forts and palaces at different places for their entertainment. Such forts and Mahals are today turned as best hotels of India. Travelers are really attracted with the lavish life standard of Rajasthan rulers and that is the major cause that foreigners also want to enjoy the similar environment.

Today we are going to discuss about one of the famous tourist places of India known as Pali. It is the city of Rajasthan, India established in Duthariya district. Pali itself is the region so you will get some closer big locations to visit as well. Keep one thing in mind that you are going to make your holidays special as nearby places of Pali are also impressive tourist destinations. Marwar rulers ruled the state for longer time and you will get the proofs of such community in different locations of state.

Indian tourist place Pali is located closer to Bandi River. The city is only 70 km away from another tourist place of state such as Jodhpur. Today Pali is turned as industrial city of Rajasthan.
History: The city was earlier known as Pallika and the reason of establishment of place was trade in Rajasthan. This city of trade was ruled by Guhilas in 11t century AD. However, Nadol kingdom captured the city in 12th century ruled by Chauhan rulers. Different rulers captured this place because of business which means city was ruled by different empires at regular interval.

Tourist places in Pali:
Bangur Museum: Whichever place you visit, if you want to learn their historical values then museum is best place to visit. This first tourist place of Pali is located closer to old bus stand. Museum is named after Mr. Bangur of British government.

Lakhotia Garden: Next attraction of Pali is Lakhotia Garden located central part of the city. The garden is surrounded with pond and shrine of Lord Shiva is constructed in the middle of garden.

Somnath Mandir: Visit one of the best temples of city known as Somnath Mandir. The structural design of temple is similar to Shilpart. It is the temple of Lord Shiva located in middle portion of city. This shrine was constructed under ruler Kumarpal Solanki of Gujarat.

Manpura Bhakri and Hemawas Dam: A dam and nearby mountain area are two more attraction spots of Pali. Hemawas Dam is located at 10 km distance from Pali. Once you reach the dam area don’t forget to trek the Manpura Bhakri that is the best mountain of Pali. In Manpura you can visit Goddess Durga temple, Jabreshwar Mahadev shrine and the Jain temple.

Maharana Pratap Smarak: Pali is the birth town of Great Maharana Pratap (A best ruler of Rajasthan). This smarak is located closer to Somnath temple. This loyal king to his people had never bowed down. Maharana Pratap played important role in India independence as well. His name is listed in brave fighters of India like Rani Laximibai and Bhagat Singh.

Om Banna: One more holy place named as Om Banna is available for travelers. However, voyagers have to cover the distance of 20 km from Pali. The temple is placed on Pali to Jodhpur highway. Om Banna was the social worker of Pali and people were so admired to him. He died in road accident at the exact location where temple is constructed. Visitors can see the bike kept in this scared place.

Baoris: Next place is Baoris which is the step well of Pali. You can see the unique designs with each well.

Maha Laxmi Mandir: A temple dedicated to Goddess Laxmi is also special destination to visit. People believe its magical temple because Goddess fulfills all wishes of the devotees visit to the temple.

Nearby tourist attractions in Pali:
Some closer destinations for voyagers in Pali are Naulakha Jain temple, Bajrang Bag, Radha Krishna Astrological House, Karni Mata Temple, Geeta Bhavan, Hemavas Dam, Bangur museum, Sai baba temple, Bangur Mandir, Keshav Bhawan and Illogi Temple.

How to reach Pali?
If you have planned your trip to Pali from Ahmadabad then you have cover the distance of 385 km. However, Delhi is 555 km away, Pune is 1021 km far, Hyderabad is 1763 km distant and Mangalore is 2026 km far from Pali.
By Train: railway station of Pali is properly connected to big cities of India. You can get the trains for Pali from Guwahati, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Pune, Ajmer, Bangalore, Yeshwantpur, Ranakpur, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mysore and many other cities. Jodhpur is the biggest and closest railway station for Pali.
By Air: Jodhpur domestic airport is available for the voyagers who want to reach Pali by air. Jodhpur city is just 80 km away from Pali and frequent flight service is available for Jodhpur from Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Mumbai. Private taxi and state buses are available from outer part of airport for Pali destination.
By Bus: Rajasthan State Transport Corporation is having direct buses for Pali from Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and many other cities.


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