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Jhadol - Resort Town of Rajasthan

India’s prime destination for safari is Jhadol. However, people are not much aware of this place but the increasing popularity and visitors interest states that Jhadol is turning as first choice for people now especially for abroad users. This place is having another identity as Jharol. It is the small town of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Town is only 50 Kms away from Udaipur and route to destination is beautiful as well. You are getting the scenic road and the rolling hills with lush forests. Fragrant of Mahua trees spread in air is sufficient to attract the visitors. There are plenty of twinkling streams are definitely going to make your journey best. Royal Jhala Rajranas spend their maximum time at Jharol. This place is priceless jewel in desert state located in Aravali ranges.

Jhadol is very peaceful and relaxing town though there is no particular season period to reach the spot. Maximum people extend their trip once they reach to Jharol. Few events that people love at this place are reflection in water, sun rise, sunset, view of greenery, forest visit, safari and resort visit. If you go through reviews of previous visitors they love to visit resorts that are closer to lake. The reason is lake view from their balcony. Their hospitality and food are best so reaching the spot is best option for nature lovers.

Talking about the place, it is basically famous for safari. People recognize the spot as Jhadol safari resort.

This town is having amazing resort and there is online portal for booking. The features and attraction points of Jhadol are mentioned below:

Ancient Temple: There are ancient temples reachable through jeep ride. 11th Century temple of Lord Shiv known as Harihar is first place to visit. Some more ancient temples in this region are Saraneshwar temple, Shiva-Shakti temple, Lakhena Jain temple, Surya Mandir and Sadevant Savling Deras.

Approximately 14 temples are available in Jhadol. These temples are of Hindu and Jain community. All temples are built between the duration of 11th and 16th century.

Forest: The land area of forest is around 10 sq. km and it is famous for rich flora and fauna. Harnav River is also flowing from the place having small stream.

Some nearby attraction in Jharol are Udaipur, Shrinathji, Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh.

Few activities that you can do in Jharol resort are mentioned below:
You can do bullock Cart ride, tractor ride, bird watching, photography expeditions, nocturnal Safaris, Orchard Walk, swimming in natural pools, Waterfall Walk, Trek in the Jungle, Nature spa, night Safari and bows & arrows games.

For accommodation people can go for resort that is having multiple facilities to their customers.

How to reach Jhadol?
Nearest big city to reach the destination is Udaipur. Udaipur is having domestic airport as well as big railway station.

By Air: Udaipur is having domestic airport and flights for this city is having from many big cities.

By Train: Udaipur city is again a big railway station to reach Jhadol. The distance between Jhadol and Udaipur is only 48 kms. Once you reach Udaipur you can hire the car, taxi or can use the state transport to reach the spot.

By Road: Rajasthan state transport is having buses for Jhadol resort, though buses are limited but you will get the transport to reach the location.
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