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Khardung La Pass - Highest Highway of India

The Khardung La Pass is the amazing location of Ladakh district, Jammu-Kashmir state, India. It is one of the passes that is famous for dangerous curves and difficult road conditions as the area is all time covered with snow. 

This pass is located in the north direction of Leh. It is also the gateway for Nubra and Shyok valleys. Most chilled glacier Siachen lies on the route of Khardung La. This highway of India was constructed in 1976. However, the pass was not open to motor vehicles till 1988 due to real bad weather conditions, but today people are reaching Khardung La by their own. The route is managed and maintained by BRO (Border Roads Organization). This highway is an important mode of transport because it is the only route that connects India to Siachen Glacier. It is also used for supplies of goods to Glacier. 

We humans always love adventurous destinations because we don’t have fun in daily life. We always look for the locations that are different then our normal places. Because of that we always search the best and different spot for your vacations. Khardung La is one of the passes that fulfill all requirements of a dream place. The average altitude of this hills highway is 5,602 meters from the sea level. It is recognized as world's upper most motor passes. Khardung Pass is listed in the Guinness book of world records. You might feel breathing problem as the oxygen level on the peak is less, but as you come little down it will get solved.

Khardung La is only 39 km far from Leh. The initial distance of 24 km is under Pullu check point. This pass is properly managed compared to other passes of India. If you really want to enjoy the nature and high hills then reach North Pullu and Nubra Valley. The road is best maintained in North Pullu, though you will get some washouts or rock falling places and there road conditions are somehow affected. You can find the hired 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers and big loaded trucks in Nubra Valley. However, heavy vehicles need special permission to go through this route. 

How to reach the Khardung La Pass? 
Winter season is the most dangerous period to reach Khardung la because maximum area is covered with heavy snow. Finding the route in winter could be difficult for the drivers. The government announces the Himank sign in the winter as a declaration of incorrect altitude judgments. 

By Air: Closest town for Khardung is Leh that is the capital of Ladakh region. To reach Leh you can get the route of Srinagar and Manali. These both stations are having direct flights from various cities of IndiaSrinagar is an international airport so abroad voyager can also reach this spot easily. Talking about a big destination to reach Srinagar and Manali cities, then the first name comes is Delhi. New Delhi is properly connected to an almost international nation and the domestic cities. 

By Bus: Leh is easily reachable through road as well. Khardungla or Khardung La pass is directly connected to Leh through road. If you are hiring or going through own vehicle, then it's important for you to get an experienced driver. 

By Rail: Manali is the closest railway station, though the big station is Srinagar and trains are easily available from both stations from various parts of the country. 

You have to get the ILP (Inner Line Permit) if you are reaching the Khardung Pass through North Pullu or going to Nubra Valley as well. Don’t forget to get photocopies of permit because you might get checked at several points during the journey. Also take the emergency medical kit along with you because there are less medical facilities on this route. Carry a good amount of food and water because if you get stuck in bad weather condition then the relief team will take time to reach you. The route becomes very difficult in winter season.