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Mehsana - Tourist City of Gujarat

Our today’s Indian tourist place is the city of Gujarat known as Mehsana. If we go through the history of the city itself was named after Mehsaji Chavda who was the Rajput ruler of Chawda empire. Mehsana is famous for its big arc gate known as Toran and the shrine of Goddess Toran. This temple is mentioned in many poems and mythological stories.

At the time of independence of India the city was merged in Mumbai region. Later it was given to Gujarat government for development and reestablishment. According to 2011 census the average population of Mehsana was 2027727. Talking about geographical structure of the city, the altitude is 265 feet from the sea level.

Some big attractions of Mehsana:
Mehsana is the biggest district of Gujarat so there are countless places to visit in the area. Some known spots of Mehsana are mentioned below:

Rani Udaymati Vav: An architectural location of the city is the first place to visit. This Vav is the step well built in 11th century by Rani Udaymati in memory of her King Bhimdeva. There are around 800 stone carvings.

Langhanaj locality: Another interesting place of Mehsana that is excavation location having 14 fossilized monoliths and skeletons.

Vadnagar Pilgrimage: The temple town located at 34 km distance from Mehsana is next place to visit. There are amazingly built gates, havelis, lake, Jain shrines known as Derasar, 17th Century Lord Shiva temple and many other attraction points in Vadnagar.

Becharaji: Get the route towards Chanasma and reach Becharaj town. Here you can take blessings of Bahuchar Mata.

Some other best destinations of Mehsana Bhavai Government Museum, Buddhist Monastery, Hatkeshwar Temple, Modhera Sun Temple, Shanku's Water Park, Sharmishtha Lake, Sidhpur, Ucharpi and Unjha.

How to reach Mehsana?
For local transport city buses and autos are available in Mehsana.

By Road: Ahmedabad is the big city nearer to Mehsana located at 75 km distance only. Ahmedabad is properly connected to almost every city of India. Frequent buses are available from Gandhinagar, Palanpur, Patan, Ahmedabad, Delhi and many cities for Mehsana.

By Train: Indian railway network is very strong. Every big Indian tourist place is easily reachable through train. Mehsana railway station is available for travelers and frequent trains are accessible for this stop from Delhi, Mumbai, Surat and some other cities.

By Air: Closest international airport is SVP (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel) Airport of Ahmedabad. You can hire the prepaid taxi from outside of the airport.