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One of the biggest City Surat is popular for tourism as well as commercial activities. Earlier the city was recognized as Suryapur. Presently this metropolis is developing rapidly in every sector particularly in textile trade. Surat is renowned city of Gujarat State, India. As per survey this conurbation is the 3rd cleanest city of India and 2nd largest municipality of Gujarat. However, the city is also named in most populated region of India placed on 8th position. Average populace of city is 4.5 million. Since 2001 to present year Surat has developed in every sector.

This metropolis is located at distance of 306 kms from the capital Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. The river Tapti (also known as Tapi) is flowing through the city. Surat is popular for textile as well as diamond trading. Because of big diamond center city is referred as Diamond Capital too. There are many other names of the city and Embroidery center of India is one of them. The finest part of city is approximately 92% of diamond and shaping work is done in Surat in which the world traders are also included.

This port city is popular for gems and real diamonds, though the dam project Tapti River is another big picnic spot for travelers. Visitors from almost every corner of the world are reaching Surat at different intervals. However, best time for reaching Surat is from October to March.

Countless tourist spots Surat makes it special destination. The spots like Bulsar, Ubharat beach, and some more sea sights are available for travelers. Many museums, parks and shopping areas of Surat are amazingly decorated where sightseer can visit.

Sightseeing in Surat:
Dumas: the first tourist place of Surat is Dumas located at only gap of 16 kms from center part of the city Surat. Duma is the beautiful spot having accommodation feature as well. People coming from abroad of far locations and stay in Dumas. Experts call this place as health resort positioned in south east side of Surat. The remarkable view of Arabian Sea from Dumas beach could be different feeling for voyagers. All time pleasant weather of Dumas allow vacationer to visit the spot anytime.

Bardoli: the best historic spot of Surat is Bardoli positioned at 34 kms distance from city. The spot is so much valuable for Surat as the farmer’s movement known as Bardoli Satyagrah was started from this place. The farmers of the city came for movement in 1921 under the guidance of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Swaraj Ashram of Bardoli is also special spot that voyagers must not miss.

Hazira: the next spot located at only distance of 28 kms from city center is Hazira. Beach lovers ought to reach Hazira because of natural beauty of the place.

Ukai: the admired picnic place of Surat is Ukai. The frequent visit of voyagers from local as well as other cities makes the spot very special. Ukai is located 94 kms away from Surat City. The location is eminent for largest Dam of Gujarat. Constructed on Tapti River and area is recognized as Vallabh Sagar.

Dandi: another destination for travelers is Dandi popular for playing vital role in Indian independence. Salt Satyagraha started by Mahatma Gandhi for peaceful movement in opposition of law of Salt tax made by the BEIC (British East India Company) was done in Dandi.  The Dandi March is world known started by Bapu in 1930. The stride was emphasized from Sabarmati Ashram on 12th March, 1930. The Salt law was breached on 6th April, 1930 by Bapu and his followers. The distance of Dandi from Surat is only 40 kms.

Swami Narayan Shrine: the known temple of Surat is next tourist spot. Devotees can do Darshanam at Swami Narayn temple which belongs to Vaishnav God Swami Narayan. The shrine is located near the River Tapti and its construction year is 1996.

Sardar Patel Museum: Planetarium of Surat identified as Sardar Sangralaya is next popular destination for tourist. Earlier the museum was known as Winchester museum founded in 1889. After independence the planetarium was renamed to Sardar Patel Museum. Learning history of Surat is possible by visiting museum. Museum is closed on Sunday and gazette holidays, though the timing is from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Planetarium in the area of museum is closed on Monday. Timing for planetarium is different then museum. It opens at 11:15 am to 1:45 pm from Wednesday to Saturday and 2:45 pm to 5:45 pm from Sunday to Tuesday.

Suvali Beach: sea sides are always special and country never matters when the spot is beach. However, Suvali beach is the best sea shore of India available for visitors, though the beach is located at 20 kms away from central part of the city. The stunning view of beach because of black sand is different experience for loneliness tourist.

Gaurav Path: the superb expressway built by Municipal Corporation of Surat is best thing to watch. The layout of highway is known as Gaurav Path which is the 3 lane superhighway links Surat to the airport.

Vansda National Park: located at 120 kms distance is next major spot visited by maximum tourist in Surat. The park was royal reserve of Vansda King prior to Indian independence. The huge area of 24 sq kms allows voyagers to take pleasure of greenery of the park. It houses the 450 types of plants located near the Ambika River. Shyadri ranges are surrounded of the park so the spot could be best location.

Ubharat: one more popular tourists visiting spot is located at 42 kms distance from Surat. This sandy beach is popular for palm edge beach.

Tithal Beach: Surat is available with multiple beaches and Tithal is one of them. This seashore is located at only gap of 88 kms from central part of Surat.

Dutch Garden: also known as Dutch cemetery is next known destination for voyagers. Located close to Kataragam Gate and distance is only 4 kms from Surat.

Surat Castle: list of Surat attraction having another place identified as Surat Castle. This Old Fort is the heritage memorial built in 16th century. The founder of castle was Ferozkhan Tuglaq. Presently the castle is converted into government office, though travelers can visit and view the surrounding area of city and the river Tapti view as well.

Ambika Niketan Temple: the one more popular pilgrim place of Surat comes next in tourist list. The temple is known as Ambika Niketan located near the river Tapti. The shrine was constructed in 1969 devoted to Goddess Ambika. Visiting shrine in Navrathri could be very special moment as that is the big festival of Gujarat.

Rangupavan: this is an uncovered theatre considered as the biggest open theater of India. The gardens and amazing 18 meter high with 10.5 meter big stage is best thing to watch in Rangupavan.  Approximately 4000 people can sit at a time in this theater famous for hosting numerous festivals and events at dissimilar occasions.

Choppati: Jawaharlal Nehru park of Surat is one best tourist attraction. The place is also identified Chowpati having oldest and biggest garden of the city. The musical fountain is best thing to watch in Choppati.

Chintamani Jain Temple: this 400 years old shrine is next ancient spot for voyagers. This Jain holy place is admired for vegetable paintings on the wall. The structural design is attractive that same replica temple is constructed in London which is now 90 years old.

River Side Castle: last place comes in the list is river side castle established near the river Tapti. The fort was constructed by Gujarat Sultan in 1546, though it is turned as corporate house of the city.

Attaining to Suart:
By Air: the local airport was closed because of technical issues in 2001. However, renovation and new technically equipped airport was begun on 6th May, 2007. The airport situated at Magdalla is fully operational since 2011 having frequent domestic flights from almost every side of the nation. The direct flights from Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Amritsar, Srinagar, Mangalore, Goa, Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad are available for Surat, though the private flight to Dubai through Mumbai was started by SpiceJet airlines in September 2012.

By Train: Surat junction is completely controlled by Mumbai Division. Surat Station was started in 1860 AD linked with BhopalMumbaiDelhi, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Vadodara, Jaipur, Satna, Jabalpur, Patna and many more cities of India. Surat is rapidly developing so the links to many other cities are also improving regularly. Passenger and express trains from many cities are having stop in Surat like AKR (August Kranti Rajdhani) Express and MR (Mumbai Rajdhani) Express.

By Road: the heavy traffic of city makes it busy all the time. The big highways crossing the Surat so the new superhighways are planned that need to be ended by 2013. The excellent road condition of Surat permits the voyagers to enjoy high speed driving. Udhana to Mumbai road is best highway of Gujarat. Some more highways such as Surat-Ahmedabad and Surat-Kolkata are also clean and properly maintained. Outer Ring Road is planned for the city, though it will take time to get completed. Around 94 flyovers are into the plan by 2015 so Surat is having lots of more changes in coming years. 
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