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Alibag / Alibaugh

Alibag / Alibaugh is our next holiday location, though meaning of Alibag is Garden of Ali. This coastal town is placed in Raigad region of Konkan district. This weekend gathering location is used by localized people of Mumbai. Countless business conferences are also conducted in Alibag. Local residents are having their own farms and lodges in Alibag located at nominal distance from the sea shore. This city is surrounded by sea from 3 corners so people also recognize this place as another Goa of India.

The city was developed by Shivaji's Marine chief Kanhoji Angre in 17th century. This Sun City is top most weekend spot, though came into light after construction of Kulaba by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

This maritime town is notorious for clean water, beaches and clean atmosphere. Town is surprisingly striking and full of greenery areas. Visiting Alibag allow voyagers to enjoy Mumbai city as well as the Arabian Sea that touches the town from south side. Mumbai city is only 3 hours away from Alibag where it takes only 1 hour to journey Alibag from Mumbai through ferry.

Attraction in Alibag:
Khanderi Fort: first place is Khanderi Fort only 3 to 4 kms away from city. Khanderi fort is constructed in the middle of the sea close to Thal beach. Construction year is 1678, though it was controlled by British Empire for longer time.

Kolaba Fort: next spot is Kolaba Fort built under Shivaji Maharaj ruling period. Placed at 2 km distance between the sea. Fort is open for visitors at only low tide period. The well with sweet water is key thing to watch in fort. This 300 years old fort is having several temples inside the boundary.

Undheri Fort: only gap of 300 mtr from Khanderi is next tourist destination. Undheri fort is constructed on island hence it’s also recognized as island fort. Construction of fort was done by Siddi Qasam in year 1680. However, different rulers ruled the place and captured the fort such as Siddis, Angres, Peshwas and East India Company of British.

Akshi Beach: another spot is Akshi Beach admired for white sand and sea shore. Suru trees plantation is best thing to watch in Akshi Beach. Swimming on beach is possible as its safe place and people can also enjoy bird watching at this place.  

Alibag Beach: our next destination is Alibag Beach popular for black sand. Attraction of tourist towards Alibag beach is increasing all the time. Nowadays people are reaching Alibag beach to enjoy the morning bathers and evening food stalls. Majorly Ali Bawas Mazhar is attracting the voyagers in large amount.

Brahma Kund: one more location is Brahma Kund on top of hill. Mainly two ponds one is Shiva pool and other is Brahma Kund are two main things to watch together in one spot. The rectangular pond is surrounded by steps from all sides in Brahma Kund.

Kihim Beach: people love beaches must visit Kihim Beach located at only gap of 12 kms from Alibag center. This private beach is eminent for thick coconut trees in surrounding.

Few more spots like Nagaon Beach, Versoli Beach, Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple, Mandwa Beach, Rewas Jetty are available for tourists.

Attaining to Alibag:
Mumbai is closest spot to reach Alibag as its only 93 kms away. Next big station close to Alibag is Pune at 140 kms, Hyderabad at 698 kms, Nagpur at 907 kms and Bangalore at 982 kms.

By Train: Pen is the closest railway station to reach Alibag. However, the distance is only 28 kms from city and trains are available from Mumbai and Panvel for Pen. Hiring taxi from station will charge around 400 Rs only. Trains from Roha, Panvel, Khandala are available for Pen Station. Few more cities like Bhavnagar, Dadar, Ratnagiri, Diva, Kochuveli, Lokmanyatilak Terminal, Sawantwadi, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Pune are also available for Pen.

By Air: Mumbai international airport is only closest biggest air hub to reach Alibag. Distance of Mumbai airport is just 93 kms from Alibag.

By Road: traveling to Alibag by road is possible as public transport from MumbaiGoa and some other cities are available for Alibaug.
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