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Mahabalipuram is our next target for Indian tourist places. This city of Tamil Nadu is placed on the Coromandel Shore close to Bay of Bengal. 

Mahabalipuram is basically a beaches city having countless temples also. Earlier the city was popular for sea port particularly in 7th to 10th century of Pallava Empire. City was named after impolite, brutal, and supercilious King Mahabali. He was killed by Lord Vishnu at Mahabalipuram. Rulers of Pallavas Empire were eager for growth of Mahabalipuram especially in art and architecture.

Attraction in Mahabalipuram:
Arjun’s Penance: The famed rock sculpture known as Arjun’s Penance is first thing to watch in Mahabalipuram. The structure is designed on the rear side of rock in whale shape. The size of Penance is 9 m in height and 27 m in length.

Tiger's Caves: next spot we discuss is Tiger's Caves located close to coastal town of Salurankuppam. The only distance of 5kms allow voyagers to reach the caves easily. The caves contain temple inside devoted to goddess Durga.

Crocodile Bank: people live crocodile should visit the Crocodile Bank placed at only distance of 14 kms from Mahabalipuram city center. Bank is having several other species brought from Africa and other nations.

Five Rathas: other spot is 5 Rathas also recognized as Panch Rathas. These set of rock shrines are special place to visit as there are excellent instances of the growth of Dravidian structural design. The structure of shrine is similar to pagodas and Buddhist temples.

Shore Temple: about 7 temples were there in line constructed in 7th century, but today only Shore temple is sustaining built by the artist Rajasimha during the ruling period of Narasimha Varman II.

Shopping: purchase of handmade craft in Mahabalipuram is special as the variety and excellent art work makes it different than other cities handmade crafts.

Kovalam: a small fishing town Kovalam is popular for offering one of the best beaches in India. Kovalam is having beach at only 15 kms distance from Mahabalipuram.

Open Air Dance Festival: the fest of Mahabalipuram is known for its type of celebration. This Open Air Dance fiesta in conducted annually for 4 weeks only.

Sadras: the famous beach resort of Mahabalipuram is an impressive scene for visitors. Beautiful landscape at Sadras is popular for sunset and sunrise views.

Attaining to Mahabalipuram:
Chennai is close to Mahabalipuram at only distance of 54 kms. However, other cities like Bangalore (346 kms), Hyderabad (708 kms), Pune (1168 kms), Nagpur (1215 kms) are quite far from Mahabalipuram.

By Train: The closest rail station is Chengalpattu placed at distance of 29 kms. Talking about big railway station Chennai is close and linked to almost every city of India. Train for Chengalpattu is available from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Voyagers can also get the train to Salem which is 311 kms away from Mahabalipuram.

By Air: closest big airport is CIA (Chennai International Airport) at only distance of 54 kms. Two terminals of Chennai airport allow domestic and international flights both so travelers from India and abroad both can reach to Chennai easily. Chennai airport is having flights from Colombo, Middle East nations, Singapore, Gulf countries and various other nations.

By Bus: TNT (Tamil Nadu Transport) Services are having buses for Mahabalipuram. Even buses to Mahabalipuram are available from some more cities of India.
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