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Next Indian tourist place is Nagarhole. However, the word means ‘Snake River’. The word Nagarhole is derived from Indian language Kannada used in State Karnataka. Nagarhole is small town where a big park is placed. Experts call the place as perfect tourist destination for nature lovers. Here travelers will see lush green forests, few waterfalls and best shrines of India.

Dense forest with wild animals is always adventurous. People visiting Nagarhole can have the best experience of their life, though many areas of place are thrilling and full of danger. Close tourist spot of Nagarhole makes it more demanding place. Few nearby spots like Ranganathittu Bird Park, Bandipur National Sanctuary and some more are available for voyagers.

Rulers from Mysore used the place for hunting during their ruling periods. Elephant and Indian bison are two common wild animals that voyagers can frequently see in forest of Nagarhole. Blue Brahmagiri hills are also special spots of Nagarhole. Spending time in jungle allow travelers to listen the natural sounds of forest, sound of flowing river water and birds twittering.

Climate of Nagarhole is moderate with copious fauna and flora makes it an absolute heaven for wildlife. Mostly area of jungle is land though some part is sloping with diverse flora.

NNP (Nagarhole National Park) is situated at only distance of 94 kms from Mysore City. Visitors attaining to Nagarhole can also enjoy the amazing spots of Mysore. Big railway station is Mysore Junction and private cabs and taxis from station to Nagarhole are available. The dense forest and dirt areas did not allow vehicles to travel the forest easily. Vehicles are only allowed between 6 am-6 pm. For accommodation forest department is having guest house that travelers can use. In NNP only forest department vans are allowed so voyagers have to reach the forest office for proper arrangements. For entrance special permits is provided by forest department so travelers must learn and get the contact details of forest department of Nagarhole.

During monsoon season roads are closed due to mating period of animals. However, special tour packages are arranged during this period for which educational department only can contact.

Attraction in Nagarhole:
Irpu Falls: waterfall known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls is first place of Nagarhole. However, the area is also recognized as Irpu Falls. Located at Bhramagiri Range and height of waterfall is 60 meters.

Brahmagiri Sanctuary: Wildlife at Brahmagiri Sanctuary is most exciting feature of Nagarhole. Evergreen forest of Brahmagiri comes under Kodagu district separates the Western Ghats.

Nagarhole National Park: best area of Nagarhole is also the part of NBR (Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve). Also recognized as RGN Park (Rajiv Gandhi National Park).

Rameshwara Temple: the shrine located close to river Lakshman Tirtha is our next destination. Idol of Lord Shiva is located in the temple and local people celebrate every festival of Hindu in this temple.

Trekking: adventure lovers can do trekking on hills of Nagarhole.

Kutta: people can watch the estates of spices, coffee, betel nuts, paddy and bananas in Kutta. A small town of Nagarhole is populated with 5000 people only.

Attaining to Nagarhole:
Reaching from Bangalore require journey of 220 kms, Chennai 549 kms, Hyderabad 779 kms, Pune 899 kms, and Mumbai 1057 kms.

By Train: big station for Nagarhole is Mysore which is properly connected to big cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and many more.

By Air: closest air hub is also Mysore at only distance of 80 kms. However, only domestic flights are available in Mysore so international passengers have to reach BangaloreMumbai or Delhi to reach Nagarhole. Bangalore is the best airport having domestic and international flights both.

By Bus: KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) is having buses for Nagarhole from various parts of state. Buses from Bangalore and Mysore are available for Nagarhole at frequent level. 
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