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Vijayawada is our next Indian tourist place popular for luscious Mangoes, sweets and countless eye-catching springs. Vijayawada is listed in big cities of Andhra Pradesh as placed on 3rd position. People also recognize the place as Bezawada. The every flowing river Krishna crosses from city which is also the best location for nature lovers. Vijayawada is bordered by River Krishna in south, River Budameru in north, Bay of Bengal on eastern side and Hills of Indra Keeladri in west direction. Going through meaning of Vijayawada literally it expresses the victory place. Today Vijayawada is becoming big trade center and popular city of South India. The city is having biggest rail hub in South India as trains to almost every city passes from this place. Reaching through road to Vijayawada is possible from Chennai-Howrah road as well as Chennai-Delhi. NH 5 and NH 9 are two national highways touching the city from diverse parts.

Journey to Vijayawada through train is also impressive as loads of canals come in route. The great fuler King Krishna Devarayar controlled the city under Vijayanagar Empire.

The city is having religious values and being described in many legends and myths of India. As per sources Arjun was blessed by Lord Shiva at this place. Sources also describe that Vijayawada city was created by Arjun of Mahabharata. Some myths describe that Deity Durga relaxed at Vijayawada after destroying the Asura’s. Key destinations for voyagers are Undavalli Caves, Gandhi Stupa, Prakasam Barrage, Kanakadurga Temple and The Mogalaraja Puram Caves.

Attraction in Vijayawada:
Kondapalli Fort: fort constructed in 14th century is our first tourist destination of Vijayawada. The high hills of rock made the things difficult to construct the fort, though the splendid work done by the workers made things possible. The king and founder of Kondaveedu kingdom Sri Prolaya Vema Reddi constructed this fort.

Lenin Statue: next destination where people can spend their time is Lenin Statue. In fact this statue represents the beliefs of socialism and working efforts of lower-class in the world particularly in India.

Mogalarajapuram Caves: Vijayawada is famous for Caves and Mogalarajapuram is one of them. These caves are placed in the nearby area of city. However, there are 3 cave shrines of 5th century which are more special spots.

Undavalli Caves: next is Undavalli Caves placed in Undavalli village, Guntur region, Andhra Pradesh. Guntur is nearby village of Vijayawada famous for 7th century caves. Key thing to watch in Undavalli Caves is statue of God Vishnu.

Victoria Museum: another place for voyagers is Victoria Museum of Archaeological division. Museum is containing ancient sculptures, inscriptions, idols, paintings, weapons and cutlery. However, travelers have to reach Bundar Road to reach this amazing Victoria Museum.

Bhavani Island: the Island on Krishna River is next tourist destination. This largest island is spread in more than 130 acres placed close to Prakasam Barrage. Experts suggest Bhavani island as best picnic spot properly maintained for pools to swim. Boating is another feature of Bhavani Island.

Gandhi Hill: a hill area also recognized as Gandhi Stup is next location for voyagers. It’s a popular place of Vijayawada attracts countless tourists throughout the year. Sound and Light show is conducted on Gandhi hill to portray the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mangala Giri: other location is Mangala Giri which is another hill area to attain. Word Mangala means favorable and Giri means hill so we can say it is favorite hill location in Vijayawada where travelers will enjoy a lot. Giri is located on highway of Vijayawada to Guntur and its shape is like elephant. The shrine of Panakala Narasimha Swamy is best to watch in Giri.

Rajiv Gandhi Square: a newly constructed park by Municipal Corporation of Vijayawada. Its actually a gateway to Vijayawada.

Amaravathi: religious place of Vijayawada is historically valuable pilgrimage place with huge collection of unique Buddhist statues. Amravathi belongs to 3rd century BC located close to Krishna River. Earlier place was recognized as Dhanyakataka.

Gunadala Matha Temple: also known as Mary Matha Shrine is one more popular place. People also identify the shrine as St Mary’s Church constructed on hill of Gunadala.

Hinkar Thirtha: next is Jain Temple Hinkar Tirtha placed in Mangala Giri hills close to Vijayawada.

Kanaka Durga Shrine: located on Indra Keeladri mount built by Arjun the great worrier of Mahabharatha. The 4 feet high statue of Durga in the standing position is top thing to watch.

Subramanya Swamy Temple: another religious location is Subramanya Swamy Temple placed on hills of Indra Keeladri.  View of Vijayawada and flowing river Krishna is best in spot.

Besant Road: as there are many tourist spots and Besant road is one of them. Its busiest commerce center of Vijayawada properly developed and maintained by local administration.

Attaining to Vijayawada:
Reaching to Bezawada is possible from Hyderabad (only 273 kms away), Chennai (only 449 kms away), Bangalore (650 kms away), Nagpur (653 kms away), and Pune (830 kms).
By Train: the key railway station of Chennai is Vijayawada Junction having direct trains from Delhi and many big cities of India. Trains from Hyderabad,  Delhi,  VisakhapatnamMumbaiChennaiKolkata and Bangalore are available.

By Air: airport of Vijayawada is positioned at Gannavaram only 20 kms distant from main city. However, airport is serving only domestic flights so travellers from abroad have to look for the nearest international airport. Big closest international airports are Hyderabad and Bangalore  Frequent flight service is available for Vijayawada from Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.

By Bus: AP tourism department is having direct bus for Vijayawada from various parts of state. Super deluxe, A/C buses and luxury buses are available for Vijayawada from central cities of India, Hyderabad,  Chennai,  VisakhapatnamMumbai and Bangalore

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