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Mantralayam is our next holy destination of India popular for temples and shrines. Mantralayam is popular for Samadhi of well-known saint Shri Raghavendra Teertha. People from Vaishav community have huge fait in Saint Shri Raghavendra. Mantralayam City is located on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka States of India. Mantralayam is the tiny village in Andhra Pradesh as per geographical structure. River Tungabhadra flows from the city makes more special because as per Hindu myths many big and religious people spend their time in Mantralayam close to River Tungabhadra. Describing about key spots people can visit Raghavendra Swamy Shrine and Mutt complex, which are two key holy destinations of Mantralayam. Kurnool is one big tourist destination close to city Mantralayam.

Sources say the saint Raghavendra was the rebirth of Bhakta Prahlada that was an impressive character and the big devotee of Lord Vishnu. Talking about Saint Raghavendra Teertha Swami, he was the great researcher and passionate follower of Lord Vishnu. Local people of Mantralayam say their saint Raghavendra did loads of miracles and helped poor people in their bad days. Because of such faith the followers list of Saint Raghavendra is huge and still people pray to saint. People who are aware of Mantralayam are reaching the spot for holy Darshanam of Swami. However, the temple constructed in name of Raghavendra Swami is having idol of Lord Vishnu. Structural design of shrine is brilliant with stunning paintings on the wall of shrine.

Timing for Raghavendra Swamy shrine is from 6 am to 8 am then 10 am to 2 pm and later in evening 4 pm to 8 pm. Except mentioned times temple is closed for cleaning and other activities.

Few other voyagers’ spots close to Mantralayam are Venkateshawara temple, Panchamukhi temple, Alampur, Nava Brindavan and Hampi.

Attraction in Mantralayam:
Lakshmi Venkateshwara Temple: first place to visit is Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara shrine also recognized as Venkateshwara temple. Placed in the center part of Mutt complex of Mantralayam. People say Raghavendra Swamy installed idol of lord Venkateshwara.

Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan: another spot for voyagers is Swamy Brindavan located at Mantralayam. This is a mutt placed close to Tungabhadra River and loads of devotees are attaining to this holy place full year.

Panchamukha Anjaneya: closest shrine placed near center part of Mantralayam is next spot for travelers. Shrine is devoted to lord Anjaneya and Maharaj Rajaru installed the idol. To attain the shrine tourist have to reach Raghavendra Swamy Mutt Complex, as shrine is located inside the area.

Vedic Pathshala: an ancient vedic school located close to Tungabhadra river is next destination of Mantralayam.

Attaining to Mantralayam:
From Hyderabad,  the distance of Mantralayam is 242 kms, Bangalore is 388 kms, Chennai is 542 kms, Pune is 631 kms, and Nagpur is 721 kms.         

By Train: railway station of Mantralayam is only 15 kms away central part. Trains running on the route among Chennai to Raichur touch the Mantralayam City. Trains for Mantralayam are available from BangaloreChennai,  New Delhi,  and Mumbai.

By Air: nearby big airport is Hyderabad International placed at good gap of 351 kms. Flights to Hyderabad are available from around the world and all cities of India. Private taxi is accessible from outer part of airport to Mantralayam.

By Bus: AP roadways or APSRTC is having frequent buses for Mantralayam from various parts of state. To reach Mantralayam Kurnool and Hyderabad are two best stations particularly for road journey.