WhAt'S NeW?


World famous Indian tourist place Ranthambore is our next target. This small town is named after two dense forest hills Ran and Thambor.  Located in state Rajasthan, India is gifted with magnificent surroundings. In 8th century Yadavas controlled the city and spread their land areas. However, Yadavas got defeat from Chauhans and city was not totally under control of Chauhans in 10th century. Later Mughals emperor captured and got the possession. 

Speaking about the Ranthambore, it is the place for nature lovers. The wildlife of town attracts visitors especially for those who love to watch animals from close. The rocky spots, attractive hills, appealing lakes, pools and stunning valleys are best thing to watch in Ranthambore.

Ranthambore is admired for Wildlife Sanctuary and voyagers can enjoy the magical charm as well as countless structures of past of Ranthambore. The town offers amazingly unusual things to the visitors. The gripping journeys through the swelling lowlands, chatty streams, dense valleys, open scrubs, deep gully’s areas with vertical peaks are much exciting locations of Ranthambore.

Attraction in Ranthambore:
Jogi Mahal: the splendid guest bungalow located at foothills of royal Ranthambore is Jogi Mahal (Jogi Fort). In common terms people call it as forest guest house offers amazing services and contemporary facilities to voyagers.

Ranthambore Fort: our next spot is Ranthambore fort located on peak popular for bloody and brave efforts of Rajput’s. Fort was built in 994 AD and its gates are still strong and massive. Inner area of Ranthambore fort is having tanks, lofty walls and shrines.

Surwal Lake: the seasonal lake known as Surwal is next tourist attraction. The lake is spread in approximately 25 kms area though its seasonal lake so attaining to spot in dry season could be little boring. November to March is best period to reach Surwal Lake as travelers can enjoy water events in mentioned period.

Ranthambore National Park: The top spot of Ranthambore is national park popular for unique combination of past and natural prosperity. Voyagers can enjoy the Jungle safari offered by forest department of Rajasthan. The safari allows visitors to watch wild animals from closer. However, the visit could be very dangerous but much excited too.

Attaining to Ranthambore:
From Jaipur its 157 kms away, from Delhi its 417 kms, from Ahmedabad its 657 kms, from Nagpur its 828 kms, and from Bangalore its 1891 kms.  
By Train: the closest railway hub is Sawai Madhopur located at only gap of 10 kms. Broad Gauge railway line allow travelers to reach spot faster as direct trains from MumbaiDelhi and many other cities are available for Ranthambore. Trains from Pune,  KolkataChennaiAgra,  Ratlam are available for Sawai Madhopur.

By Air: Sanganer airport of Jaipur is only 157 kms away from Ranthambore. Private taxi and cabs are accessible for Ranthambore from outside of air hub city. However, normal charges for taxi are around Rs 3,500 from Sanganer Airport to Ranthambore. Flight for Jaipur is easily available from Mumbai and Delhi.  For abroad travelers DIA (Delhi international airport) is better option located at 417 kms only.

By Bus: Rajasthan Roadways is popular state government transport service having buses for many cities of state as well as outer parts of state. Buses for Ranthambore are available from PushkarJaipur,  Ajmer and some more cities of Rajasthan. Buses from Delhi and Agra are also available for Ranthambore.