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The tourist destination Kota is getting attraction from world travelers. Kota city is located close to the Chambal River famous as dynamic and picturesque city of Rajasthan,  India. City was established in 12th century by enrolling to Malwa territory. Record says Kota city was founded in 1264 AD after battle win of Rajput from local ancestral leader.

Kota is the heritage place of India having countless monuments constructed by Rajput rulers. Attaining to museum of Kota will express the culture and living standard of Rajput rulers in city. Local people regularly visit shrines of Kota particularly Hindus. However, shrines of Kota are having legendary stories. Travelers can also visit historical forts and impressive palaces constructed with Rajput structural designs.

The rapid growth of rural Kota to modern Kota states that city is having keen sources. Presently countless industrial units are planned in Kota having all types of modern amenities, though still ancient shrines of city are major attraction part for voyagers. Big known holy place of Kota is Kansua temple of Lord Shiva. Idol of God Shiva is having four faces in this temple, which makes it finest shrines of India. Top collection of Rajasthan culture in museums gives unique feeling to travelers.

Kota city is renowned for cloth weaving, imposing handicrafts, aesthetic items, oilseed and milling of cotton, dairy products and distilleries. Doria Sarees are manufactured in Kota mills, which are supplied to world market as well.

Attraction in Kota:
City Palace: the most demanding historical heritage of Kota is first place to visit. City palace is best example of combination of Rajasthani  and Mughal structural design. Visitors will learn about the royal life of rulers of different periods of Kota city.

Government Museum: next location in Kota is Government Museum located in the area of Brij Vilas Palace. Here voyagers can also attain to Kishore Sagar Lake. Museum is containing collection of manuscripts, ancient coins and superb Hadoti statues. Very impressive huge statue of Shesh Sayi Vishnu is best thing to watch in govt museum.

Rao Madho Singh Museum: Madho Rao Singh Museum is another spot placed inside the old palace of Kota. Madho Rao was the son of first ruler of Kota.

Chambal Garden: today Chambal is known to the world because of various things like in early ages Chambal was the place captured by local thefts, though today its peaceful area. Voyagers can attain to Chambal Garden, which is astonishing park located close to Chambal River. Maintained pond of garden is available, though it’s a home for crocodiles so voyagers should not enter to pond.

Kishore Sagar: next destination where travelers can visit is Kishore Sagar, which is the reproduction lake constructed in 1346 by Prince of Bundi Mr. Dehra Deh. Sagar is placed close to Brij Vilas museum, which is one more tourist attraction of Kota.

Jag Mandir: the shrine known as Jag Mandir is one religious place of Kota located in the between of Kishore Sagar. Temple area is bigger like a palace placed on the middle part of artificial lake. Construction of shrine was done for one of the queens of Kota on 1740.

Alnea: River Alnea is next location very close to Kota city. The pre-historic statues located close to river are key things to watch. Alnea is the key destination for architectural designs and sculptures lovers.

Few more spots to attain in Kota are Gaipernath (an impressive waterfall), Garadia Mahadev (small but eye-catching shrine), and Kaithoon (popular market for Sarees manufacturing).

Attaining to Kota:
To reach Kota travelers will easily get the trains from various cities of India. However, reaching by road is also fine option for voyagers. Jaipur is only 246 kms away, Bhopal is 344 kms away, Indore is 348 kms distant, New Delhi is 511 kms away and Ahmedabad is 550 kms distant.
By Train: route of New Delhi to Mumbai touches the Kota city. Kota is the junction having rain route to almost every big city of India. Super fast, express and passenger trains are available for Kota from various cities such as ChennaiNew Delhi,  Pune, and many more.

By Air: domestic airport Sanganer is best way to reach Kota, though the airport is located at Jaipur.  Flights from key cities like New Delhi,  Mumbai,  Chennai and other places are available for Jaipur.  International voyagers can attain flights for New Delhi international airport, which is just 500 kms distant from Kota City. Voyagers can hire the taxi, luxury and deluxe buses from New Delhi for Kota.

By Bus: State buses of RRTC (Rajasthan Road Transport Corporation) available for Kota linking the city to all key cities of Rajasthan.  Buses from Udaipur (240 kms away), Bikaner (450 kms away), Ajmer (230 kms away) and Jaipur (250 kms away) are available for Kota.