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Somnath a place with all religious values is available for voyagers. This proudly Gujarat holy place dedicated to God Shiva. Somnath shrine is added to the 12 respected Jyotirlingas of World.

Because of Somnath Temple the city is also recognized as Somnath City located in Gujarat, India. In early ages the place was recognized as Prabhas Patan. Somnath is mythological, historical and religious place particularly for Hindu followers.

Town is also mentioned in Myths and Puranas including Mahabharata. Sources say Somnath is the place where Soma (Moon) adored God Shiva. Different Hindu myth states that Lord Krishna got shot by arrow in thumb in Somnath.

Somnath town is located in southwest Arabian shore in Sourashtra. Voyagers can enjoy the serene beach in Somnath as well. Hindu’s holy Saraswati River flows into sea ending the Somnath town.

Few key spots of Somnath are Somnath Museum, Junagadh Gate, Somnath Beach, Belukha Teertha, Mai Puri and Akhilabai temple.

Attraction in Somnath:
Junagadh Gate: the first place accessible for voyagers is Junagadh gate, which is the major attraction of Somnath  Junagadh gate is also the gateway to city Somnath.  People coming from Veraval have to enter this town city from Junagadh ate only. Amazing structural design and proper management made the gate more stronger and its still offering the service to local and tourist of Somnath.

Panch Pandav Gufa: a cave located close to Lalghati is next destination recognized as Panch Pandav Gufa. This is basically a cave temple of Somnath founded by Baba Narayan Das in 1949. This shrine is committed to 5 Pandava brothers placed on a hill allowing voyagers for astonishing view of city.

Belukha Tirtha: our next spot is Bheluka Tirtha, which is also recognized as Bhalka Tirth  This holy place is popular for pond located on Prabhas to Veraval highway. According to Indian myth, Lord Krishna was hit by arrow at this place.

Gita Mandir: Somnath is religious place and Gita Mandir is one of the temples located at mixture of 3 different rivers. The spot is recognized as Triveni Tirtha most popular for Birla temple constructed in 1970. The idol of Lord Krishna is amazingly designed and placed inside the GitaMandir.

Many more spots like Kamnath Mahadev Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Old Somnath Temple, Parasurama Temple, Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple, Suraj Mandir, and Triveni Ghat are also available for voyagers in Somnath.

Triveni Ghat is the spot where three holy rivers are merged to Sea. Hiran, Kapil and Saraswati are all holy rivers of India flowing through Somnath City.

Attaining to Somnath:
Ahmedabad is just 400 kms away from Somnath whereas other cities Mumbai (887 kms), Pune (1013 kms), Bhopal (1073 kms), and Delhi (1303 kms) are quite far from the city.

By Train: Somnath station is available for voyagers, but Veraval is bigger railway station located closer to Somnath city. Trains for Veraval are accessible from MumbaiAhmedabad and Vadodara. However, link trains for Veraval are also available from DelhiPuneKolkataChennai and BangaloreVeraval is also connected to JunagadhRajkotAhmedabad  and many other cities. Somnath station is having trains from JabalpurVeraval and few other cities.

By Air: known airport closer to Somnath are Koshed located at 55 kms distance and Diu located at 90 kms distance. However, flights for both airports are available from Mumbai City only. Abroad voyagers can attain the International flights for Ahmedabad and Mumbai, which are two big international air hubs of India.

By Bus: Maharashtra State transport is having buses for Somnath city from various parts of state, though this holy place is accessible through private and other states buses offering services to their passengers.