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The city Veraval of Junagadh region, Gujarat is our next tourist destination in India. Veraval is only 6 kms away from one best religious tourist destination Somnath.

Veraval was established in nearby beginning of 14th century by Rajput Leader Veravalji Rathod. The city is admired for royal living of Junagadh family. Veraval city was the part of Junagadh Empire till 1953. Later Veraval was combined with India after independence. Voyagers will get countless historical spots in Veraval as many old Nawabi legacies are still available in the city. Best among all is Nawabi summer citadel having eye-catching graphics and paintings on walls. Old fort of Nawab and their gates are special to watch in Veraval. However, the walls of fort are ruined presently, though the gates are still quite avaialble.

According to generation survey conducted in 2001 the population of city was around 141250. In which 51% people are male and 49% people are female. With average of 62% literacy rate city is on higher position comparing to average of national male ratio of 59.5%.

Weather of city is semi-arid as the summer is so warm, though winter is not so cold. Winter is best season for Veraval visit.

Coastline of Veraval permits the explorers to have longer area walk. The beaches of Veraval are lined and comprehensive uninterruptedly throughout the city coast.

Visitors spots in Veraval:
Junagadh Gate: people loving chronological places ought to visit Junagadh gate located in Somnath. This major location is also the key gateway for Somanth. Temple town of Veraval is only approachable from this gate so voyagers have to attain this place.

Panch Pandav Gufa: as the city Somnath is close to Veraval so tourist can easily attain the top most locations of Somnath. Panch Pandav Gufa is additional location located in Somnath. Founder of Gufa (cave) was late Baba Narayandas who discovered the place in 1949.

Balukha Tirtha: holy place Bhaluka Teerth is once more spot located in Somnath. Legends of India expresses that Balukha is the place where the hunger Jara hit God Krishna by an arrow. Sources say Krishna seated below the Banyan tree for meditation. Hunter mistakenly hit the arrow to Lord Krishna and Krishna died at the spot.

Veraval is having countless temples and some best holy spots are Gita Mandir, Kamnath Mahadev Shrine, Lakshminarayan Shrine, Old Somnath sanctuary, Parasuram Temple, Jyotirlinga Shrine, and Suraj Temple.

Triveni Ghat: the ghat is located in Somanth where 3 holy rivers such as Hiran, Kapil and Saraswathy are flowing together.

Attaining Veraval:
Attaining the Veraval city is possible by road, rail and air. Transport medium is available from Rajkot, Ahmadabad and many rest places of Gujarat and other states of India.

By Train: people searching for rail transport medium can check the trains for Veraval Railway Station. Station of Veraval is finely linked to big places like Rajkot, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Ujjain, Vadodara, Pune, Mumbai, Jabalpur and Trivandrum.

By Air: biggest airport to reach Veraval is Rajkot which is linked through domestic airlines of India. Flights from Mumbai to Veraval are available on daily basis. MIA (Mumbai International Airport) is permitting abroad visitors to reach Veraval easily. Distance between Veraval and Mumbai is 327 kms and private taxies are accessible from airport to Veraval.

By Road: roadways of Gujarat are properly maintained so travelers can attain the buses from various parts of state.

Few more nearby spots of Veraval are Somnath, Prabhas Patan, Bhalka, G.I.D.C fish export, LORAN-C transmitter Veraval and Old Mosques.
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