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Amaravathi - Buddhist Place of Andhra Pradesh

A famous place Amaravathi is our next Indian tourist place. It is the small town comes under Guntur Region of Andhra Pradesh State. Amaravathi is now turned as famous destination for the world visitors because Amareswara temple is positioned in this city. This place is also popular for biggest Buddhist Stupas. Experts say these stupas are built prior to foundation of Mauryan Empire.

Earlier the place was recognized as Dharanikota or Dhanyakataka. Amaravathi was the capital during the ruling period of Satavanhanas. Satavanhans were the first rulers of Andhra Pradesh established their kingdom from 2nd to 3rd century BCE. Here Lord Buddha conducted the ritual ceremony of Kala Chakra. The evidence of presence of Lord Buddha can be checked in the book of Vajrayana. This ancient city of India is famous tourist location because of prime spots such as Amaravathi Stupa, archaeological museum and Krishna River Site. You can spend your whole day on the banks of Krishna River as the beautiful garden and picnic spots are developed in this area. 

However, city is not having much tourist attraction spots, but the locations available are best among all big destinations of India. By visiting such locations you can easily learn the historical background of Lord Buddha and his achievements. 

Attraction in Amaravathi:
Amaravathi Museum: also known as Archaeological museum is first choice for visitors in Amaravathi. Museum is positioned close to river Krishna. Here a huge collection of Buddha community is available. Learning their history, culture and tradition is possible by visiting Amaravathi museum. Lots of Indian Art structures are also important part to watch of museum. 

Stupa: the key attraction of Amaravathi is Stupa built during the Lord Buddha visits. Another name of this stupa is Mahachaitya. Construction of this stupa was done during the ruling period of Great Ashoka the Mughal. He was the big follower of Lord Buddha. Construction was done by the end of 200 CE year. However, the stupa was neglected before visit of British Governor Colin Mackenzie in 1796 CE. 

River Krishna: visit the shore of river Krishna and enjoy the whole day with your family. This place is capable to refresh the visitors and people love swim can do the same at this place. However, flow of water in rainy season is higher so its better not to swim in such season. 

Amareshwara Temple: this ancient temple is also the favorite spot for visitors in Amaravathi. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In early period the Amaravathi city was known as house of Gods. The demon Tarakasura was destroyed by Lord Shiva at this place. Sources say the Shivaling placed in the temple was growing automatically towards the sky. However, it fell down by somehow and stop growing. 

Amaravathi city is surrounded with countless gateways, that means if you reach the spot then you can easily visit some more best south Indian places like Guntur (33 kms), Vijayawada (40 km), Khammam (152 km), Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (154 km), Nalgonda (172 km), Rajahmundry (200 km), Pochampally (240 km), Srisailam (231 km) and Badhrachalam (231 km). These each place is having different feature with countless tourist spots. You can easily spend your holidays of 10 or more days once you reach the Amaravathi. There are many other nearby cities where you can spend your vacation time.

Attaining to Amaravathi:
If you are reaching to Amaravathi from Chennai then you have to travel for 452 km distance. However, Bangalore is 649 km away, Nagpur is 758 km away, Pune is 848 km away and Indore 1075 km far from the city. 

By Train: Amaravathi station is connected to many major cities of India. Nearest big railway station for Amaravathi is Guntur having direct trains from DelhiBangaloreHyderabad and many other cities. 

By Air: big international airport for Amaravathi is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport located at Hyderabad City. Direct taxi is available for Amaravathi from outer part of airport. Flights from domestic airports of diverse cities allow voyagers to reach Hyderabad without any fear. 

By Bus: going to this religious place by road is possible as Andhra State transport is having direct buses for Amaravathi from Hyderabad, Guntur and many other cities. Buses from Bangalore are also available for Amaravathi.
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