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Harsil - Best Hill Station of Uttarakhand

Are you getting bore of regular picnic spots? Do you really need a change in your life? If you feel the same way we are going to tell you about one of the small but exciting destination of Uttarakhand known as Harsil. This town is positioned in corner area of state Uttarakhand, India. The scenery of Harsil is famous in the world and travelers from around the corner are reaching the spot at regular intervals. Winter is the special period when people reach Harsil for enjoying the snow fall. Basically Harsil was the favorite tourist location for British Rulers because of amazing scenery. It allows you get free from all kind of mental stress and you can enjoy the peaceful vacation. 

The dotted landscape of Harsil with countless small shrines is specialty of Harsil. Some huge dense forests and secret exploring places are also attracting visitors to Harsil. Catching hills and stunning scenery from the town is great experience. Altitude of Harsil is approximately 2620 meters from sea level.

Adventurous people will love the Harsil town because there are countless trekking spots, buff areas, and many other sites where people can do exciting events. Voyagers will feel glad once they take bath in holy River Bhagirathi in Harsil. This river is flowing from high hills of Uttarakhand and crossing this sleepy town. Closer spots like Gangotri, Sattal and other best destinations are also available for the travelers. Voyagers will view the 7 lakes in Sattal, though the water is really freezing so if you are planning to take a dip then careful for your health. Don’t forget to take warm clothes when you are going to Harsil. 

Key attraction of Harsil Town:
This hidden jewel and unspoiled Indian tourist place is offering lots of sightseeing places that gives peace to visitors. 

Dharali: first place in Harsil is Dharali located at only gap of 3 kms central area of Harsil town. To reach Dharali you can hire the bike or a car but drive carefully as the route is little difficult and full of turns. 

Mukhwas Village: a small village known as Mukhwas is another attraction of Harsil. The distance of Mukhwas and Harsil is just 1km. As we all know Mukhwas Village is the house of Divinity Gangotri particularly in winters so the place is having good religious values for Hindus. Devotees of Goddess Gangotri worship her at Mukhwas in winters because the doors of Gangotri temple get closed in winter.

Sattal: another location having 7 lakes recognized as Sattal is available for you. Walk for 3 km simple trek from Dharali to reach Sattal. The word Sattal is made of two different Hindi words Sat (7) Tal (lake). 

Attain Harsil:
Travelers coming from New Delhi have to cover 446 km distance, though KanpurShimlaManaliMangalore and Coimbatore is also having link to reach Harsil town. 

By Train: closest railway station for Harsil is Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Big station that is connected from almost every city of the India is Haridwar. Trains for Haridwar are available from IndoreNew DelhiAllahabad and Dehradun

By Road: Harsil is easily reachable by road as buses from Dehradun, Haridwar and Rishikesh are available in frequent level. 

By Air: Dehradun Domestic Airport is available having flights from numerous cities of India. Buses from Dehradun are available for Harsil. However, private taxis are also existing from airport to Harsil town. 
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