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ItaNagar - Hill Station of Arunachal Pradesh

Indian tourist place ItaNagar is our next destination. This Capital city of Arunachal Pradesh (AP) is an enthralling city that fascinates you with charming attitude. ItaNagar is covered with snow peaks in north east side. The Himalayan hills are easily viewable from the city and river Brahmaputra is flowing through the city in south direction. This famous Indian tourist place is full of exciting places. Citizens of ItaNagar are music lovers so voyagers are going to enjoy the musical environment in the city. Experts call this city as land of dawn lit hills. 

Earlier tourism in Arunachal Pradesh was limited, though the state is open now for the visitors. The issue with the Arunachal government was the pollution created by the travelers. However, for city welfare the gateways are open now and voyagers can reach the different parts of AP at any occasion. Languages spoken in the region are English, Hindi, Aptani, Assamese, Adi and Nishi. 

Some key attraction of city ItaNagar is mentioned:
Ita Fort: ItaNagar is popular for Ita fort and the city name is derived from the fort as well. To reach such spot travelers have to go into right direction from the central part of capital complex of Papum Pare region. Its construction was done during the ruling period of Ahom Empire. 

Nehru Museum: next place to visit in town is Jawaharlal Museum operated by AP Government. To learn historical events of the town its better place to reach. This place will entertain you about the woodcarvings, creations, musical instruments, textiles types and handicrafts products created at such period. 

Ganga Lake: Also known as Gyakar Sinyi is another tourist spot of ItaNagar. This elegant and uncluttered pond is identification of the town. Gyakar Lake is able to attract visitors and its natural beauty is attracting voyagers throughout the year. 

ItaNagar Wildlife Sanctuary: national park of ItaNagar is major attraction for travelers. This wildlife is favorite place for biologists. There are lots of trees and flora that balance the place perfectly. 

Namdapa National Park: A park popular for wild cat is our next attraction of ItaNagar. View of snow bound Himalaya ranges from this park is special to watch. 

Buddha Temple: a holy place with some magical effect is another travelers spot. A shrine sacred by Dalai Lama located imposing hills is favorite place of ItaNagar. 

Rupa: A beautiful hill town known as Rupa located close to Tenga River is best spot. Its scenic charm and the meeting point of river Tenga is wonderful. 

Tipi: a peak known as Tipi is last but not least spot of ItaNagar. This snowed peak is having deep valleys with diverse types of Orchids. 

Ziro: ItaNagar is not only the capital of AP but it is also the political hub for the state. Ziro is closer hill area reputed for amazing views of valleys. Its located few Kms away from ItaNagar so travelers must visit the Ziro. 

People can enjoy adventure sports like trekking, paragliding, skiing, etc. in ItaNagar. 

Attaining to ItaNagar:
People coming from Kolkata have to travel for 1267 kms, New Delhi 2076 kms, Nagpur 2116 kms, Indore 2304 kms and Mumbai 2916 kms distance. 

By Train: closest railway station for ItaNagar is Harmuti located in Assam state. Harmuti is just 52 kms far from ItaNagar. Trains for Harmuti are available from Dhemaji and Rangiya. 

By Air: closest airport for ItaNagar is Lilabari of Assam state. It is 67 kms distant from ItaNagar and flights from Guwahati are available thrice a week. 

By Bus: you can book the ticket in super express buses from Guwahati to ItaNagar. The journey will take around 12 hours to reach ItaNagar. 


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