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Ongole - Beach Place of Andhra Pradesh

The world is full of exciting places and India is the one having maximum spots where travelers can reach. Almost each place of India is unique and having numerous qualities that is the reason voyagers from the world are attaining to India at regular intervals. Today we are going to discuss about the city known as Ongole. 

It is the biggest town of Prakasam region, Andhra Pradesh. If we go through the history of Ongole, the town is famous for cattle breeds. Rulers from Maurya’s and Satavahana’s controlled the town for a longer period. Kakatiya rulers also ruled Ongole and constructed some port towns in this Prakasam district. Overall the town is having historical and religious values of the Indian people. There are many ashrams and swami Sansthan in Ongole serving the nation with religious facts. 

Attraction of Ongole:
Tangutur: positioned at only gap of 18 kms from the central part of Ongole is the first place to visit. Tangutur is a valuable holy place also known as Tanguturu. Temple of Goddess Valluramma is located in this region and the distance between Tangutur city and temple is just 8 km. 

Chennakesava Swamy Shrine: The holy place of Lord Vishnu is next spot in Ongole. This shrine was built in 18th era, though voyagers must attain to the temple at the time of Vishnu Ashtami or a concert of Goddess Lakshmi. The architectural structure of the temple is amazing that has no comparison with other temples of India. 

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple: a shrine of Sai Baba is another holy place in Ongole. Construction of the temple was done on 17th Aug, 1989 under the supervision of Sri Telledevulapalli Siddanthi. 

KVS (Kashi Visweswara Swamy) Temple: a place of pilgrimage known as KVS (Kashi Visweswara Swamy) is the next location in the list. Construction of the temple was done in 1945 dedicated to Addala Mandapam. 

Kothapatanam Beach: If you are a beach lover and want to enjoy the sunset, sunrise then reaches Kothapatanam. This beach is only 25 km away and located in BOB (Bay of Bengal). Don’t forget to reach the beach area on the Karthika Purnima Fest. People reach the spot on Karthika Purnima and take a holy dip in the sea. 

Voderevu Beach: another beach just 6 kms away from Chirala is destination for travelers. It is located under Prakasam region famous for picnic and weekend activities. 

Attaining to Ongole:
Chennai is 302 km away from Ongole, Hyderabad is 370 km, Bangalore is 503 km, Coimbatore is 718 km and Nagpur is 792 km far from Ongole. 

By Air: Closest airbase for Ongole is Hyderabad has international as well as a domestic airport. Flights to Hyderabad are available from various cities such as ChennaiNew Delhi and Mumbai

By Rail: Ongole railway station is available with all modern amenities. Trains for Ongole are available from New DelhiChennaiHyderabadBangaloreTirupati, Kanyakumari, and many other parts. 

By Road: Andhra State Transport is having buses for Ongole from almost every part of the state. Hyderabad is having frequent bus service for Ongole so no worries for voyagers to reach Ongole city.
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