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Nellore - A District of AP with full of Tourist Spots

Nellore is the district as well as important city of AP (Andhra Pradesh) State, India. The Nellore region is having countless tourist places which mean if you plan the vacations in Nellore you should plan long holidays. This Indian tourist place is getting popularity in European visitors. People from different nations are arriving Nellore at diverse periods.

Nellore is 6th high populated city of Andhra Pradesh and serving the state as administrative headquarters of Potti Sri Ramulu region. Earlier the city was known as Vikrama Simhapuri. It’s only 168 Kms away from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu.  However, Hyderabad city is 453 Kms far from Nellore. Penner River is one of the popular rivers of south India. Agricultural produce is the finest part of Nellore.

Past of the City:
The city was existed during the ruling period of Maurya Empire. Ashoka was the successful ruler of Maurya dynasty and Nellore was under his empire. He came to city in 3rd era B.C but was captured by Pallava’s rulers among 4th to 6th century A.D. By the end of 13th century the city was formed a part of Cholas Empire. Lastly city was ruled by British East India Company in 18th century.

Attraction in Nellore district:
Talpagiri Ranganathaswamy Temple: A shrine famous as Talpagiri Ranganatha is first place to visit. Temple is located at 5 kms gap from city Bus stand. This temple is 600+ years old placed closer to river Pennar. Attain Nellore at the time of annual Rath Yatra as the period is best for voyagers to learn more about the cities ritual things.

Jonnawada: Another holy place to visit is Mallikarjuna Swamy Kamakshi temple of Jonnawada located at 12 Kms distance from Nellore. Trains are available for Jonnawada from various parts of state.

Narasimha Konda: A temple of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is next spot for voyagers. Its 500+ years old shrine built by King Narasimha Varma of Pallava Empire. Vedic scripture of Brahma Purana is important attraction of the temple. You can also watch 7 tanks renovated with Mandapams.  Temple is 15 Km far from Nellore City center.

Penchalakona: Another oldest sacred center is Penchalakona where lord Narasimha established himself as huge rock. According to sources Lord Narasimha took bath in Penchalakona after killing the demon “Hiranya Kasipa”. Because of such reason the place is named as Somasila Narasimha Swamy temple.

Mannar Poluru: don’t miss to visit Alghu Malluru Swamy temple located at Mannar Poluru Village. You have to reach Sullurpet to attain the Mannar Polaru town that is only 103 Km away. This shrine was constructed in 17th century by Yadama Nayudu. The legend of India is having details that Lord Krishna beaten Jambavantha in fight and lord Vishnu deflated the ego of Garut Mata at this place.

Chengalamma Temple: located at Sullurpet is next spot for voyagers. Nellore is famous Indian tourist place and Sullurpet is big destination in this region. Goddess Chengalamma Parameswari appeared in this village lies at 100 Km distance from Nellore. Kanlangi River is flowing from this area and foundation year is between 4th to 5th centuries.

Somasila Dam: A best location for travelers in Nellore is Somasila Dam. This is biggest Project of Nellore region. Dam is built over the river Pennar in Somasila town. Move towards east direction of Nellore to attain the spot. This place is full of natural beauty and the temple Someshwara Temple is special destination to visit in town.           

Kandaleru Dam: Another spot is available for you known as Kandaleru Dam located 60 kms far from Nellore. State Highway is directly connected to Kandaleru town from Nellore. Dam is constructed on River Kandaleru.

Udayagiri Fort: If you love to watch historical places then visit Udayagiri Fort in Nellore located at 100 kms distance only. Udayagiri itself is a tourist place and Fort is the major attraction of Udayagiri town. Altitude of fort is 3079 feet and surrounding area is full of natural beauty. Some stunning waterfalls are also able to make holidays memorable.

Pulicat Lake: A 2nd highest lake of Andhra Pradesh is Pulicat spread in Tamil Nadu state as well. Average area for lake is 600 square km in AP covering 5 taluks of Sullurpet, Tada, Doravari satram Durgarajupatnam  and Chittamur of Nellore region.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary: Nature lovers can attain to NBS (Nelapattu bird sanctuary) which is the largest park in South-East Asia. Around 1500 birds and other species are visiting this park every year. Get NH (National Highway) 5 to reach the park. Its basically a big water tank with huge volume of Barringtonia Acutangula trees.

Mulasthan Eswara Swamy Temple: A 1400 years old temple is another attraction of region known Sri Mulasthaneswara Swamy temple. Get the route in west direction from Nellore to reach this spot.

Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple: A shrine in Mallam town is next place to visit. Also known as Malla village located closer to Naidupeta town. It is just 96 km far from Nellore city center constructed by rulers of Chola dynasty in 10th to 11th Centuries.

There are many more places like Masthan vali Dargah (located in Kasumuru village), A. S. Peta Dargah, Sri Venkaiah Swamy Mandir (located in Golagamudi town), Krishnapatnam, Prabhagiri Patnam, Sriharikota, Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha temple, Mulastaneswaraswamy shrine, Venugopala Swamy Temple, Erukalal Parameswari Temple, Sri Rajarajeswari Temple, Ayyappa swamy temple, Swarnali Tank, Children Park, Bharashid Dargah, Mallikarjuna Kamakshi tai temple (located in Jonnawada), Kodanda Ramaswamy temple, Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple, Vijayeswari Matha Ashramam, Vengamamba Temple, Siddeshwara Swamy Temple, Somalingeswara Swamy Temple, Jain Temple and Siddalaiahkona. There are many more places which mean you enjoy your holidays properly.

Attaining to Nellore:
By Road: NH-5 is directly connected to Nellore from Chennai and Kolkata. APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) buses are available for Nellore from various parts of the state. TNSTC is also having buses for this famous town. If you are coming from Karnataka then get the KSRTC buses for Nellore. Buses from BangaloreHyderabadChennai and various other cities are available in good quantity.

By Rail: Nellore is having own railway station having direct trains from VijayawadaChennaiHyderabad and other big cities.

By Sea: Nellore is having another transport method. You can reach the town through Krishnapatnam Port formed by state government of AP. Ships from Visakhapatnam Port are available for Nellore.

By Air: The closest airport is Renigunta in Tirupati located at only gap of 130 km from Nellore. Flights for destination are available from VijayawadaVisakhapatnamHyderabadDelhi and Mumbai. Big international airport closer to Nellore is Chennai so abroad visitors can also get the destination easily. 

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