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Vajreshwari - Maharashtra

The beautiful town Vajreshwari is our next Indian tourist place. This place is attracting the travelers around the region because of natural beauty. There are 3 major rivers such as Tejsa, Surya and Tansa flowing from this town. You can imagine the beauty of town because there are countless natural spots that are amazing.

If you go through ancient myth this town is also referred in such holy books. Vajreshwari is proudly presented in "Puran" the Hindu holy book. According to this book Lord Rama and Saint Parshuram spend their valuable time at this Vajreshwari. The town got two more names such as Vadvali and Vajrayogini. The town is having huge values for the Hindus so of course the place is important for travelers.

Attraction in Vajreshwari:
Akloli Kund: Indian tourist places are special for their varieties and if you are in Vajreshwari city then attain to city temple. Temple is famous for Akloli springs. Several hot springs are going to surprise with the location. The pond water is full of minerals and sulpher that is able to clear all skin allergies. Because of such reason people have huge faith in pond water. Experts say the earlier volcanic activities in Vajreshwari are the reason of such hot spring.

Nityananda Mandir: Another spot for travelers in city is shrine of Swami Nityananda and his Samadhi. Bhimeshwar Ganesha temple is also famous spot closer to this Nityananda Temple.

Parshuram Temple: Parshuram was a famous saint and his description is available in Ramayana as well. Saint Parshuram performed the Maha Yajna at Vajreshwari and tried to impress Lord Shiva. Temple is the example of such spot where he performed the yajna in ancient period.

Shri Gurudev Ashram: Another spot for voyagers is Gurudev Sidha Peeth popular as Gurudev Ashram. This place is the tribute to Teacher Swami Muktanand founded in 1949.

Vajreshwari Temple: If you go through history of history of Vajreshwari city you will find most of the areas remind you campaign conducted by Maratha fighter Chimaji Appa adjacent to Portuguese. Appa set the camp of best fighters at Ganeshpuri and Akoli areas.

Attaining to Vajreshwari:
If you are starting your journey from Mumbai then you have to cover the distance of 66 km only, but if you take the route from Kullu it will be 68 km, Pune 182 km, Hyderabad 740 km and Bangalore 1016 km distance.

By Train: Nearest railway station is Vasai Road located at only gap of 31 km from central part of Vajreshwari. Train is the good mode of transport to reach Vajreshwari city. Frequent trains are available for destination from diverse cities. You can get the train for Vasai Road station from Bangalore, HyderabadMumbai and Pune.  

By Air: Closest airport is Mumbai International connected to world cities. Airport is 80 km far from Vajreshwari city. Flights for Mumbai are available DelhiHyderabadBangaloreChennaiBhopal and many cities.

By Bus: Road is also the best mode connected to Vajreshwari city and buses of MSTC (Maharashtra State Transport Corporation) are available from all major cities. Buses from MumbaiHyderabad, and Bangalore are available for Vajreshwari. 

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