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The Indian tourist place Kalpetta is our next target. This small town of Wayanad region is turning as best tourist location in south India. Kalpetta comes in Kerala State surrounded by thick coffee farms. Experts refer this hill area as finest location for all seasons. Visiting this town will allow tourist to take pleasure of Mysore city as well. The town lies on NH 212 connects Kozhikode to Mysore City.

The high hills of Kalpetta are covered with thick coffee farms which gives the different view of the city. The temples of Kalpetta are famous in India and people reach the town to pay worship to their gods.

Sri Maha Vishnu shrine is most popular of the town dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Ayappa temple is next big spot in town situated on the outer area of Kalpetta.  Few Jain shrines are also available where tourist can visit.

The top part of Kalpetta is natural beauty because greenery is spread everywhere in the town. Voyagers reaching Kalpetta must not miss the waterfalls located at Meenmutty, Soochipara and Kanthapara. The average populace of Kalpetta is 29,600 with 50-50 % male and female candidates. Around 71 % people are literate of Kalpetta which list the city in top educational places of India.

Attaining to Kalpetta will become more delightful by visiting the mentioned tourist spots. The top spots are Edakkal Caves located at 15 km distance, Pookode Lake located at 10 km distance, Meenmutty Falls located at 25 km distance, Jungle hike located at 2 km distance from Meenmutty falls, Banasura Dam situated at 24 km distance, Soochipara Falls at 20 km, Chembra Peak at 17 km distance, Brahmagiri peak and some more spots.  

Chembra Peak: this is the initial spot of town which is the tallest peak of Wayanad region. The height of Chembra peak is 2100 meters from the sea level. Trekkers and climbers will love this spot because it is full of adventure. Visitors might find the temporary camps to stay on the peak.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls: next location is Kanthapara falls situated in south east part of Kalpetta. The only distance of 22 kms from Kalpetta allow tourist to reach the spot with no worries. Waterfall at location is 30 meters in height.

Karapuzha Dam: people will love Karapuzha dam which is one of the major Earth Dams in India. Submerged mounts and green islands are the ideal ground for marine birds and tourist can enjoy watching them at Dam area.

Meenmutty Falls: this imposing waterfall is another tourist location of Wayanad region. The huge height of 300 meters of gates makes it special spot particularly in rainy season. Voyagers have to walk 2 km to reach the falls.

Soochipara Falls: Kalpetta is full of waterfalls and Soochippara Waterfalls is one of them. Such falls are also recognized as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls located close to Meppadi area. The height of waterfall is from 100 to 300 feet as there are many falls in similar Soochipara area. Tourist can swim in the pond of fall and enjoy the spot.

Koottamundu Glass Temple: the shrine of Jain community is popular tourist spot in Kalpetta. This shrine is constructed on the hill area of Vellarimala. The temple was built to honor the Saint of Jain community Shree Parshawanatha Swami.

Puliyarmala Jain Temple: the shrine dedicated to Shree Ananthanatha Swami is one more location in Kalpetta. This notable temple is having splendid architecture and crafted polls. Only 6 km distance of Puliyarmala temple permits travelers to reach spot easily.

Varambetta Mosque: the masjid situated 15 km away from Kalpetta is next best site. Sources say the mosque is 300 years old.

Attain to Kalpetta:
By Train: reaching Kalpetta by train is top idea. Direct train to Kozhikode help tourist to reach nearest destination of Kalpetta. Kozhikode is having frequent buses for Kalpetta. Train for Kozhikode is available from Chennai, Madgaon, New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Pune.

By Air: The closest domestic airbase is located at Kozhikode having direct flights from Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

By Road: buses to Kalpetta are available from Mysore, Kozhikode, Bangalore and Mangalore. Luxury buses are also accessible for Kalpetta from different areas of the state. 
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