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Solan - Hill Station of Himachal Pradesh

A city of HP (Himachal Pradesh) Solan is our next Indian tourist place. Solan city is famous for mushrooms as large amount of mushrooms are cultivated in the city. Solan is also famous for monasteries and temples located in nearby areas. Spiritual people must reach Solan for holy places. Yungdung Monastery is ideal location of Solan to relax. Talking about shrines the Shoolini Mata Temple and Jatoli Shiv Temple are two special holy areas for travellers. 

Spots in Solan are so many but the place is yet not known to the world. However, in recent time administration of Himachal Pradesh started doing publicity of place, hence travellers are reaching the spot in more amount year to year. 

Experts suggest 300 years aged fort is first place to visit in Solan. The fort is placed Nauni a small town near Solan. However mostly area of fort is ruined but still it contains the beauty of years. Reaching fort require some trekking work because fort is constructed on hill top. 

Attraction in Solan:

Kuthar fort: 

Placed nearby Subathu and Arki is initial location. This worthy historical building is around 800 years old. Kuthar fort is spread in larger area having fresh-water springs in the surrounding. 

Nalagarh Palace: 

an eye-catching structure constructed on the top of hill is next tourist place. Nalagarh Palace is popular for manicured backyards, impressive visions of Shivalik hills and structural design in Indian and Mughal style. 


next is Darlaghat positioned on Shimla to Bilasour Road. Darlaghat is only 35 kms away from Shimla which means travellers can easily take pleasure of another best hill station of India. Darlaghat sanctuary is best as people can watch animals such as leopard, Sambas, Black Bear, Wild Boars, Dear and Red Jungle Fowls. 


place known for Dak Bungalow is next holiday spot in Solan. Kiarighat is admired tourist spot straight towards the way to hill station Shimla. Placed just 19 kms away from center part of Solan. Scenic beauty of Kiarighat can never be compared with any hill station. Apple Cart Inn is one more Dak Bungalow available for voyagers for accommodation. 

Manjathal Sanctuary: 

Solan is famous for dense forest hence travelers can enjoy the safari in Majathal Sanctuary which is full of wildlife. This sanctuary is spread in 55,670 square kilometres area. In facts Manjathal sanctuary is declared as forest by HP (Himachal Pradesh) government having wild animals and rich floras. 

Shoolini Temple: 

the shrine devoted to Goddess Sholini is next tourist attraction in Solan. This very old shrine is popular for yearly Sholini fair celebrated with immense ceremony and dancing shows. 

Solan Brewery: 

the very different kind of place Brewery is next target for voyagers started by Edward Dyer the Englishmen in final period of 80's. 

How to reach Solan?

This north hill station is easily reachable from Chandigarh which is only 66 kms away. However, Delhi is 307 kms, Pune is 1824 kms, Kasauli is 24 kms (only), and Kufri is 38 kms away from Solan.
Mostly hill areas of India are connected through road so as Solan too. However, rail service is also available for Solan from few parts of India. 

By Train: close railway station for Solan Kalka located at only gap of 44 kms. Narrow gauge line from Kalka to Solan limits the train quantity. However, journey from Kalka to Solan through train is amazing and cannot be expressed in words. Trains to Solan are available from Kalka, and Shimla. Shimla is major railway station to reach Solan as broad gauge line is linked to Shimla from various cities of India. 

By Air: nearby air hub is Chandigarh having domestic flights from various parts of nation. Chandigarh airport is just 67 kms away from Solan. Flights for Chandigarh are available from Delhi, Mumbai, Srinagar and Jaipur

By Bus: HP government is having buses for Solan Chandigarh and several other cities. However, Delhi is also the easiest way to reach Solan as frequent bus services are available for Solan as well as nearby areas. 

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