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Sundarban is next holiday destination which is the astonishing forest connecting India and Bangladesh. Adventure and nature lovers will get countless spots in Sundarban to capture in their camera. This prime mangrove jungle is popular in whole world. The adventure and a trip on boat for one week can make the moments memorable. Sundarban is also listed in UNESCO WHS (World Heritage Site) list. However, the part of jungle of Indian region is known as SNP (Sundarban National Park). Park is sited in province of West Bengal. Total area of Sundarban is 38500 square kms in which 1/3rd are is covered with water. Finest part of Sundarban is it is complete dense forest and to enter the jungle visitors have to book and get permission from Forest Department of India. The jungles are still managed by administration since 1966. Here travelers can take pleasure of wildlife as forest is spread in huge area. Approximately 400 Royal tigers of Bengal with more than 30,000 dotted deer are particular thing to watch in open jungle.

Enthusiastic photographers must visit the Sundarban as it could be best experience for their life. The canvas Sundarban are amazingly nature built. Sundari trees and serene surroundings resultant the name Sundarban which means beautiful forest.

Rivers, streams, springs and eye-catching estuaries are top features of Sundarban. Nature in Sundarban lets to every voyagers watching the Royal Tiger of Bengal. Watching striking scene of jungle from sail boats which are full of items such as timber, honey, fuel wood, fish, food and shell is best experience of anybody's life.

Major attraction of Sundarban is Nilkamal recognized as Hiron Point also. Hiron point is used to watch vociferous wild animals. Spot Tin Kona is one island where deer can be seen easily. However, the tigers are also coming to the area, though Dublar Char isle is used for fishing.

Attraction spots of Sundarban:
Dublar Char Island: initially Dublar Char is the first place where voyagers should reach in Sundarban. This eye-catching island is famous for picturesque scenery. Fishing and various fish fauna are available at this island.

Hiron Point: also known as Nilkamal is next tourist location having countless spotted dears and tigers. Monkey’s, tigers, crocodiles and deer are main animals available at Hiron point.

Katka: safari of jungle is available at Katka where travelers can watch tigers and numerous birds.

Few more like Tin Kona Island and Sundarban National Park are few more tourist spots of Sundarban.

Attaining to Sundarban:
Reaching Kolkata is good option as the city is linked to many big cities of India. The only distance of 112 kms from Sundarban to Kolkata makes it primary station.

By Train: Canning rail hub is closest railhead for reaching Sundarban. Distance of 48 kms allow easy reach to the spot. Passenger and express trains from Kolkata is available for Sundarban.

By Air: closest air hub for Sundarban is “Dum Dum airport” located at Kolkata. Distance is only 166 kms from Dum Dum to Sundarban.

By Bus: West Bengal state transport is having buses for Sundarban form many cities. Buses from Kolkata (166 kms away), Raidighi (76 kms away), Najat (92 kms away) and Namkhana (105 kms away) are available. 
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