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Raigad a small city is our next target for Indian tourism located in Maharashtra. This place is full of rich heritage, very old monuments and stony territory. The term Raigad means fort of King located at height of 2851 feet from the sea site. Raigad is covered with mountainous in surrounding. Town is basically located on Sahyadri hills, which is the beautiful place allowing voyagers to enjoy the spectacular view of natural. Spot is having two rivers Gandhar and Kal flowing from the valleys of Raigad.

Next best spot of Raigad is Lingana Hill, which is preferred hot spot for travelers. Trekking is the best feature of Lingana hill and different nation people are attaining spot for trek. Panoramic vision of Borhatyachi Naal is also possible from Lingana spot as it lies between Raylingi and Lingana hills.

The unique and old fort of Sivaji is located in Raigad. Construction of fort was done after the win of Sivaji over Chandra Rao. Fort played vital role to administer the town during Maratha government.

Town is popular for rich artistic heritage, folk arts such as Keertan, Bhajan, Koli Dance, Bharud and many more things.

Attraction of Raigad:
Jijamata Palace: the initial tourist attraction of Raigad is Jijamata Palace located at Pachad, Raigad. This palace is the finest example of Maratha kingdom architectural structure. Jijabai was the mother of great Shivaji. Jijabai lived in this place until her death. However, British East India Company destroyed the palace.

Queen's Palace: the next visitor’s spot is Queen’s palace located in the territory of Raigad fort. The royal women of Maratha Empire used this amazing structured Mahal.

Raigad Fort: the top spot of Raigad is fort also recognized as Gibraltar of east India. Raigad was the capital of state during ruling period of Sivaji. Fort is located on the height of 2700 feet from sea level and its structural design wedge-shaped. Raigad fort is difficult to reach from other three sides, which means to enter the fort voyagers have to use the single path.

Raigad Museum: voyagers looking for source to learn history of Raigad can attain to town museum located close to lower Station of Fort. Local government took help of stalwarts to construct the museum, which tells the story of Maratha victory. People can learn about the Shri Babasaheb Purandare and Shri Ninadji Bedekar who did countless welfare work for local public of Raigad.

Raj Bhavan: a palace known as Raj Bhavan is another spot located close to Raigad Fort. Shivaji controlled the city and took valuable decisions in Raj Bhawan.

Takmak Tok: next location we have in Raigad is Takmak Tok, which is also known as punishment point. Shivaji violently punished his enemies at Takmak Tok located in valley of Sahyadri hills.

Few more tourist spots of Raigad are Gangasagar Lake, Jagadishwar Temple, Rock Climbing, and Mahad. Voyagers can visit the spots to make their holidays special.

Attaining to Raigad:

Pune city is closer to Raigad located at 102 kms whereas Mumbai is 187 kms away, Hyderabad is 605 kms away, Nagpur is 911 kms distant and Bangalore is 936 kms far.
By Train: railway station Vir Dasgaon is available in Raigad linked to Pune and Mumbai cities.  Frequent trains are available from Veer located at 40 kms. However, trains for Veer are available for Ajmer, Dadar, Ratnagiri, Diva, Ernakulam, Sawantwadi, and Swv Diva Pass.

By Air: international airport of Mumbai is available for voyagers. Chatrapati Shivaji airport is just 187 kms distant from city Raigad. Flights for Mumbai are available from many nations so abroad visitors can easily reach Mumbai from various destinations. Major flights from Singapore, Colombo, Hong Kong and gulf countries made the Mumbai easy reachable destination.

By Bus: Maharashtra State transport is having buses for Raigad from various cities. Buses from Mumbai and Pune are available in large quantity for Raigad so voyagers can attain to any of the city to reach Raigad. Buses form Kolhapur (250 kms away) and Mahabaleshwar (75 kms away) are also available for Raigad.