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Palanpur - Holy Place of Gujarat

India and its destinations force the abroad visitors to reach this nation for their holidays. Today we are going to discuss about one of the attractive spots of Gujarat known as Palanpur.  This holy town is having lots of shrines that are famous for structural designs. Festive season is best period to attain Palanpur because local people of Gujarat celebrate every festival with full excitement and enjoyment. 

It is the local heritage place of Indian state Gujarat. The finest thing about this town is it is completely covered with mountains from all sides. The Aravalli hills make this location a special destination for scenic and impressive views. Jain temples of Palanpur are world famous because of their structure. Approximately 14 shrines are constructed in the town by different rulers of Jain community. Palanpur fort is also popular for 7 gates, though most of the gates are ruined because of low maintenance by the administration. 

Attaining to Keethi Stumbh (Victory Tower) in town is preferred by the visitors. Construction of tower was done in the middle part of 1930. Countless palaces of Palanpur are next locations for voyagers. Zorawar and Balaram Palace are main rich sites of town, where travelers can get the accommodation and can learn the living style of rulers of Palanpur. 

Palanpur town is just 170 km away from Ahmadabad city a capital of Gujarat. If you are planning to visit Mount Abu then Palanpur will come in the route. Ambaji is best holy spot situated closer to Palanpur. 

When we talk about the Palanpur gateway the town is having accessible routes for Poshina and Danta. Patan is also best destination of India and easily accessible from Palanpur town. Don’t forget to watch the closer Aravali Mountains of the town. 

Attraction of Palanpur: 
Jain Temples: Jain holy places of Palanpur are famous. The big famous saint of Jain community Shri Jagadguru Hirsurishwar Ji was born in Palanpur. Voyagers can attain to his residence that is situated just reverse to Dehrasar Temple. 

Balaram Mahadev Shrine: another holy place located just 14 km gap from central part of the Palanpur city. This ancient temple is dedicated to God Shiva. 

Some other best spots for voyagers in Palanpur are Keerti Stambh, Balaram Palace Resort, Jessore Sloth Bear Park, Pallaviya Parshwanath shrine, Motu Derasar, Pataleshwar Temple, and Kedarnath temple. 

Attaining to Palanpur:
Reaching Palanpur is possible from different areas of the nation. If you are coming from Ahmadabad you have to cover the distance of 145 km and if from Jaipur then its 490 km, from Mumbai its 694 km, from Pune is 753 km and New Delhi 786 km. 

By Train: Gujarat is having big rail network from almost each city. If you are coming to Palanpur through train then reach to AhmadabadAhmadabad city is big station and linked to almost every big city of India. Trains for Ahmadabad are available from Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Mysore, New DelhiTrivandrumJodhpur, Bareilly, Jammu and Chennai. Trains for Palanpur inside the state are from Rajkot, Porbandar, Bhuj, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Surat and Ahmadabad

By Air: Ahmadabad is the closest airbase for Palanpur and frequent flights from New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and  Lucknow are available. 

By Road: Gujarat State Transport is having buses for Palanpur from Ahmadabad, New DelhiSurat and many other cities. 


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