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Alandi - A Small Town Of Pune

Do you have any attraction towards holy places of India? If yes, then visit Alandi a well-known place also named as Devachi Alandi (means God's place). This cute place is popular for scenic views located closer to Indrayani River. This religious spot is holding a big samadhi of saint Dnyaneshwar. Dnyaneshwar was the famous poet scripted Marathi edition of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Local people believe that he inspired the villagers to devotion Lord Panduranga. His temple is placed in the backside of wonder ghat where huge a crowd of Maharashtra grown. This town is located under, Kelgaon, Pune region, Maharashtra, India.

This holy Indian tourist place attracts loads of passionate devotees every year. Alandi is basically popular for four valuable temples. Once you visit the temples you will learn the village culture and lifestyle of Vitthal-Rakhumai, Muktai, Krishna and Lord Rama. Their temples are also known as Vitthal Rakhumai shrine, Muktai temple, Krishna Shrine and Rama Temple. One more temple of Gujarathi sadhu is famous in the area known as Jalasan Baba temple. Try to reach the spot when fairs are conducted. Timetable for fairs are Ashadhi Ekadashi and Kartik Ekadashi.

The marvelous picturesque Alandi is turning as favorite Indian tourist place for voyagers. People are coming from India and abroad to this place so the town is developing accordingly. Alandi is the best place for rejuvenating the mind as well as body. This unpolluted station is cool in climate. However, the surroundings are amazing with full of tranquil surroundings. You must visit the closer parts of Indrayani River to enjoy the chilled flowing air and watching amazing scenery areas.

Attraction in Alandi:
Chaangdev Bhinta: As Alandi is the holy place the first spot comes in the attraction list is Chaangdev Bhinta. This place is located in Chaangdev village and popular for Lord Shiva Jyotirlinga. Here you will also watch the other formation of Lord Shiva known as Bhairava. Earlier the town was named as Kshetra Bhingnapur.

Dnyaneshwar Mukta Bai Shrine: our next destination is the Dnyaneshwar Mukta Bai Temple placed Muktai Nagar closer to central part of Alandi City. The shrine is dedicated to sister of Dnyaneshwar saint. People believe Mukta Bai was the incarnation of Goddess Saraswati.

Pundalik Mandir: Don’t forget to visit Pundalik Mandir also named as Bhakt Pundalik Temple. You have to reach the scenic place of Pandharpur to visit the temple. Pandharpur is closer to Chandrabhaga River flowing from outer area of Alandi.

Ram Mandir: Lord Rama is an important god of Hindus. His temples are amazingly built in India as well as abroad. Alandi is also housing a finest Ram Mandir. If you are able to reach Alandi at the time of Ram Navami then you will be surprised with the way of celebration that local people do at such period. Ram Navami comes between Feb to March months.

Dnyaneshwar Samadhi Temple: One of the famous Indian tourist place Alandi is popular for Sant Dnyaneshwar and his Samadhi Mandir is another big spot for voyagers and local resident. This Samadhi is located closer to the bridge of Alandi. The Saint use to live in this place, hence people made the Samadhi temple on the spot.

Attaining to Alandi:
If you are trying to reach Alandi from Pune then you have to cover the distance of 24 Kms, though Kullu is 121 km away, Mumbai is 151 km far, Hyderabad is 570 km distant and Nagpur is 726 km away.

By Train: Closest railway station for Alandi is Pune that is properly connected to almost every part of the nation. Pune junction is the important railway station of state having trains from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and many other big cities.

By Air: closest airport is also Pune serving frequent flights from big domestic airports of India. You can hire the taxi from outer part of the airport direct to this famous Indian tourist place Alandi. Flights for Pune are available from DelhiBangaloreChennaiMumbai and many other cities. Closest international airport for Alandi is Mumbai  connected to many abroad nations.

By Bus: Maharashtra Roadways is the famous in India for their services. Alandi is also properly connected through road and many private and government luxury buses are reaching Alandi from different parts of nation. Frequent bus services are available from Goa and cities of Maharashtra


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