Neemuch - Beautiful Small City of Madhya Pradesh

Today our target is small city of Madhya Pradesh named as Neemuch. This town of Malwa region is having two different spellings such as Neemuch and Nimach. This Indian tourist place is having limited spots for voyagers, but the hospitality and clam environment is enough to give mental peace to voyagers. Nimach is bordering the state Rajasthan so we can say it is kind of place where you will see two different cultures of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Talking about Nimach its abbreviation is North Indian Mounted Artillery and Cavalry Headquarters. In early face of city it was the largest British cantonment of Gwalior ruling state. In 1822 the city becomes headquarters of the Rajputana and Malwa agencies. In 1895, Nimach was completely under Malwa region.
If you go through historical background of city you will find that it is the birth place of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). This contentment of British Empire was declared as police regimental of India in 1939. Since today the city is holding largest recruit training center of CRPF. The architecture of maximum part of city is similar to British structural designs.

In ancient period Nimach was part of Ajmer region. However, it was gifted to the Scindia’s in 1768. You might hear about the freedom fight of India occurred in 1857. Neemuch played the important role in that battle when Malwa and Gwalior rulers fight against British.
The history behind its name is special as well. Local people believe the city is named Neemuch because of countless Neem trees everywhere.

Tourist attraction in Neemuch:

Sukhanand Ashram: 

The initial place to visit in town is Sukhanand temple of Lord Shiva. The word Sukhanand means peace and joy so you are definitely going to enjoy the place. Neemuch is famous for holy spots so you can visit Sambharkund Mahadev (located at 7 km distance from city) and Nava Toran temple at Khor. Few more impressive spots are Bhadwamata and Suwakheda. Sukhanand temple is 20 km away from Nimach. Public transport is available for the temple so reaching spot is not difficult task. People also refer this place as Nilkanth Mahadev temple.

Bhadwa Mata Temple: 

A holy place that is famous for whole state is another location for travelers. This temple is having huge religious values for local people. You might face some heavy crowd on weekends or religious holidays so plan your trip according to your comfort. You have to cover the distance of 19 km from town to reach temple. Local people have huge faith in Bhadwa Mata as they believe taking bath with well located in temple area gets cure from paralysis disease and Polio. Navaratri is the major festival of this temple when priest decorate Mata Idol with beautiful clothes and jewelries.

Bhanwar Mata:  

One more holy place Bhanwar mata temple located at 25 km distance from central city. The temple is under Jawad region famous for shrine as well as waterfall. Rainy reason is best period to reach the spot as you can enjoy the waterfall with good level of water stored in small Dam.

Harkiakhal Dam: 

A place located at only gap of 15 km distance available for you named as Harkiakhal Dam. It’s a small picnic spot but best in rainy or winter season.

Gandhi Sagar Dam: 

A big dam in this region is located at 100 km distance known as Gandhi Sagar. This place is all time favorite as many people reach this spot throughout the year. You can enjoy the dam, you can swim in some areas and you can also take pleasure of green scenery surrounding. If you like to learn about turbine then this dam area is best place for you. However, take the permission first before entering the restricted area of dam.

Radha Krishna Temple: 

A beautiful white marble temple of Radha Krishna located at Nimbahera is another place for voyagers.

Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary: 

Adventure is all time favorite for people and if you want to see the real wildlife then visit Gandhi Sagar sanctuary located closer to Mandsaur region, Madhya Pradesh. This best Indian tourist place is spread in 368.62 kilometer area joining Rajasthan in some parts. The park was completely established in 1983 and Chambal River is passing from such portion.


We all know that Chittorgarh is one of the historical places of India famous for amazing fort constructed by Samrat Ashok. This place is just 56 km away from Nimach. You can reach the spot by train or by road as plenty of transport modes is available for Chittorgarh.

Sukhanandji Ashram:

A place of mental peace is next location of Nimach. Sukhanandji Ashram located at 32 km distance from Nimach. Here you can enjoy the unique rock-cave and high dry hills. Lord Shiva temple is major attraction of Ashram. Scenic beauty and spring with good height is best place to make holidays memorable. According to legends the place is named after son of Vedavyasa such as Sukha. If you are planning to visit this place then try to attain during annual fair conducted in Sarwan month. Baisakhi purnima is another best occasion to reach this ashram.

Nava Toran temple: 

Reach Khor village closer to Vikram Cement campus to enjoy the best temple of marble. Here you can enjoy the water fountain developed and managed by Vikram Cement agency.

Morwan Dam: 

You like Dam then visit one more spot named as Morwan Dam at only 24 km distance from Nimach. Gambhiri River is the major source for this dam. Reason behind construction of this dam is supplying water to nearby areas. Decorative garden and boating facility is major attraction of this dam.

Shri Kileshwar Mahadev: 

A shrine known as Kileshwar temple is one more holy place for devotees. This lord Shiva temple is amazingly designed with white marble and main festival is Shivaratri. 

Veer Park: 

A park located at Veer Road is famous among children. People regularly visit the park with their children as there are several swings and enjoyable items for kids.

When we talk about the nearby big tourist attraction the first name comes is Udaipur located at 135 km distance from Neemuch. We have already discussed about the Udaipur place in our earlier post. You can refer to the link to learn more about Udaipur. Ajmer is another big closer destination for vacations so plan your trip according to more leaves as spending 2 or 3 days are not enough to enjoy the city Neemuch properly. 

How to reach Neemuch?

By Rail: City is having own railway station connected to different cities of India. The broad gauge line from Ajmer allows you to reach destination easily. Ratlam is another closer big railway station to reach Neemuch. The station is having historical values as the Neemuch station was built by British rulers in 1880. Direct trains for Neemuch are available from Ratlam, Ujjain, Agra, Kota, Chittorgarh, Mandsaur and Bundi.
By Road: Madhya Pradesh Transport Corporation is having buses for Neemuch City from Ajmer, Chittorgarh and Ratlam. NH 79 is connected to city linking Udaipur city of Rajasthan through Chhoti Sadri. Mandsaur, Singoli, Manasa, Jaipur and some more cities are having direct buses for Neemuch.
By Air: Closest big airport to reach Neemuch is Jaipur. However, a domestic airport plan is to be implemented in Mandsaur district. Jaipur is having direct flights from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and some more cities.