WhAt'S NeW?


India is full of secret tourist destinations and today we are discussing about Churachandpur, which is also known as Lamka. This small town is located in Manipurwhich people also designate as Switzerland of India. Churachandpur is spot having natural beauty areas, though city was used for commercial purpose by the diverse rulers of Manipur. Export of countless products is done to international market from Churachandpur. The town faced difficulties during World War II when Japanese Army bombarded the town. However, city enjoyed the peace and clam for more than 5 decades as not much rulers came to town. After WW II particularly in 1970s and 80s, the town was declared as most peaceful island on earth. Today list of big investors is available started industries and several commercial plants in Churachandpur.

Attraction in Churachandpur:
Tipaimukh: a heritage spot where travelers can attain is Tipaimukh. It’s a meeting area of River Tuivai and River Barak with astonishing surroundings. Tipaimukh is made of two words Tipai and Mukh. However, the place is top location for picnic in Churachandpur.

Khuga Dam: Rivers in town are ever flowing and a big dam is constructed on Tuivai River known as Khuga Dam. Dam is located in south direction of Churachandpur and its inauguration was done by President of Congress Party Smt. Sonia Gandhi in late 2010. Dam is newly constructed hence the surrounding areas are beautiful constructed and managed by local administration of Manipur.  Reason behind building the Khuga Dam was to supply the electricity to nearby areas and also provide the ample quantity of water to closer locations particularly for farming.

Ngaloi: with few kms people can attain a small village Ngaloi located nearer to Churachandpur city.  Low laying hills and greenery surroundings are best things to watch in Ngaloi town. High pressure flowing waterfall is more famous of Ngaloi, though height of fall is not much but the pressure is good enough.

People love peace and want to relax their mind pressure can attain to Churachandpur as the city is having complete greenery everywhere and surrounding locations are beautiful too. However, attaining to city in rainy season could be little difficult because Churachandpur face heavy rainfall every year.

Attaining to Churachandpur:
By Air: domestic airport of Tulihal is available for the voyagers. The distance between Tulihal and Churachandpur is only 60 kms and taxi service from outer area of airport is available for Churachandpur.

By Rail: Churachandpur is not having any railway station, though Indian railway is preparing projects to connect the town with major parts of India. Big rail hubs close to Churachandpur are Guwahati and Dimapur.

By Road: NH 150 is passing from Churachandpur town and road is named as Tipaimukh Road in Manipur area. People can reach to Mizoram by passing through Churachandpur and the mostly route of NH 150 is adventurous and full of greenery. People can also go through Teddim Road which links the city Imphal with other states and cities of India.